Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And then it was tuesday

Such a long monday, I'm glad it's been retired and we're onto Tuesday.  My dog woke me up about 15 minutes before my alarm today, which is always a bummer.  I value that additional 15 minutes!  Work was frustrating in its own way, and I learned that I have a full day training session on Monday for some IT upgrades being implemented.  Something to look forward to?  I think not, but I will surely survive.

On the upside, the weather was gorgeous today.  I brought my lunch and took it to the rooftop deck to eat and read.  I came back and later realized I had a souvenir sunburn on the back of my neck and my right forearm.  Brilliant!  :-)  Note to self:  Keep some sunblock at work!  It was worth it to spend 45 minutes outside in the sun and the warm breeze.

I had acupuncture at 7pm tonight.  As usual, S did the pre-appt. consult and asked about how I'd been feeling since my last appt. session a month ago. I told her I'd had more migraines and little headaches than usual, which is not abnormal during peak allergy season like it is now.  I also told her that I'd been having a hard time focusing in general, that my mind was racing a lot, and asked for some stress and clarity of mind type needles.

All the needles that usually "jump" or bother me didn't bother me at all, and all the ones that normally feel like nothing felt like something (for the record, the jumpers are the ones in my legs, and the non-jumpers are generally the ears and sinuses).  During the consult she'd asked me how things were with my boyfriend, as she knew things were rocky last time around, and I had to cop to the breakup again.  I felt a little emotional, and my silly voice cracked a couple of times when answering her questions.

Almost immediately after she left the room, I felt the tears well up.  They spilled down my face instantly, and I probably cried for a good 5-10 minutes.  I've done this before during sessions, so it wasn't too surprising, and especially in light of all the stress I've had lately.  But I also think that the stress needles opened up some emotional channels that were ready to blow, and out came the tears.  For the record?  Crying while you're laying on your back, with needles in your temples, forehead, either side of your nose, your neck, your's an interesting experience. 

Once the tears died down I felt so much better.  I guess I'd needed the release.  I spent the rest of the appt. intensely relaxed.  Upon leaving I felt so tired and spent and couldn't stop yawning.  I hope to sleep well tonight.

So I didn't actually ask for the heartbreak needles, but I think I got them.  I hope they do their magic and help clear my racing mind a little bit.  I may not be going to the gym much these days, but if emotional exercise counted for anything I'd be in Olympic athlete shape.  I feel like my body is carrying around my emotional baggage, and I know I need to take better care of it all.  The stress and anxiety tighten my shoulders, tense my back, strain my neck.  My head aches for this reason or that, and I'm tired and tetchy from allergies and everything else.  I need a mental break.

The best thing I can say about today in its entirety is that I survived.  The non-aversary has passed, and it is one more tiny roadblock I have moved past.  Here's to hoping tomorrow is a better day.  :-)


  1. So proud of you!

    How are you feeling, one day out from this visit? I've never tried acupuncture - I can see the benefit; I'm just afraid I would freak out! What does it feel like to you?

  2. I'm okay! Acupuncture is freaky, but it's still so relaxing at the same time. I don't watch her put the needles in, and sometimes some sting or "jump" as I said, but it's really not bad and the benefits are definitely worth it!