Monday, April 18, 2011

One of those saturdays

Another weekend officially under my belt.  This one felt better all around, even though I wasn't a social butterfly quite yet.

I did the MS Walk on Saturday morning.  It rained for the entire duration of the walk, which luckily was  a short one.  I still enjoyed it, though, as the exercise was good, the company of some coworkers was nice, and it was lovely to be out in the world doing something for a worthy cause.  I definitely need to look more into volunteering because it's a great way to fill some spare time in a smart way.

I came home and took a hot shower to warm up, then cozied up to the Starbucks coffee I'd picked up on the way home.  There was actually a lull in the rain for an hour or two, but it came back with full enthusiasm later on in the afternoon.  It was a great day to catch up on DVR, take a little nap and just relax.

Eventually the thunder and lightning joined the rain, and that made me happy.  I love a good thunderstorm more than just about anything, and this wasn't a usual DC teaser of a storm.  It actually stuck around for a couple of hours, and I loved watching the flashes of lightning through my blinds and hearing the low, long rumbles of thunder.  Best soundtrack ever.  :-)

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and as the rain wound down, my migraine wound up.  I ended my night crawling into bed with a pounding headache.  It hurt.  A lot.  I've found that late night migraines like that don't respond to my RX migraine med, so I usually take a good dose of Tylenol, but I was out of that.  I finally ended up in bed with a PILE of pills.  I had my daily multivitamin, a couple other vitamins, three of the herbal allergy pills from my acupuncturist, 2 Excedrin and 1/2 of another pill from my pill bottle.  I'm not even sure if it was half of a pain pill or half of a muscle relaxer.  :-/  I really didn't give a damn at that point.  I took them all, feeling like a weirdo junky even if most of the pills were vitamins, and went to sleep with 2 ice packs and a lot of pain.

I woke up at a few points overnight, feeling like I'd slept forever, always pleasantly surprised that I got to sleep more.  When I finally got up at 10 (save for the doggy bathroom break at 7), I was migraine free and felt pretty good.  Thank god.  It was one of those migraines that I was desperate to get rid of, as it was a true pounder, making me crazy light and sound sensitive.  Not fun!

Today I got my sofa table from the furniture store finally.  I had to open the box and bring it in in two trips because the box was too heavy on its own, but I got it in, and I got it assembled and in place.  I Felt pretty good about myself even though it was a really easy table.  I'll take the victories, however small they may be!

My mood has been better this weekend.  I was more productive this weekend (lots of errands aside from noted things, plus apartment cleaning type things).  Next weekend looks fairly busy thusfar, which I think I'm ready for, or will be, anyway.  The wheels are turning in my life again, and hopefully I will begin to feel some forward motion.  I've been walking in place for too long, and I need to stretch my limits and start going out of my comfort zone again, rejoining the world a little at a time.

Slow and steady wins the race, right?  I'm on my way!


  1. I'm sorry it rained the whole time during your walk, but I'm glad you had a good time! We have our walk in a couple of weeks, and of course it's the longest March of Dimes walk in the area (6.2 miles). Not a problem for me, but I'm worried about Dave taking William in the Bjorn for that long. And yay for thunderstorms! We've had a ton this year, but they've mostly been while we're sleeping. But we got to enjoy an awesome one Friday night...watched part of it outside (under an overhang) at Starbucks, and then watched the rest of it (including torrential hail) at home. I'm sorry about your migraine. :(

  2. @Patti: It's ok, the rain wasn't too bad. :) If the weather had been nicer I'd have enjoyed a longer walk, but for some reason this one is pretty short.

    Very cool about the t-storms, at least now that I know you didn't get tornadoed away.