Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nerves are abuzz

You know what's slightly nervewracking?  Sending out the link to your barely born blog to people you know, like and respect.  :-)

I guess if this is truly to be a more open forum than LJ it would help if people knew about it, so there you go.  I may let more people in on the "secret" as I go, but at least I'm working to establish a starter group of readers.

Also?  My bedroom is definitely the plainest room of my apartment.  I have only one tiny painting hung on the walls, and beyond that, 3 totally bare walls.  Depressing!  This room definitely needs some TLC when I can afford it.  I'm still waiting to receive my backordered sofa table for the living room, so I guess I need to just do one thing at a time!

RSVPed for a meetup in a couple of weeks for Cosmic Bowling.  I have had the most random urge to go bowling for so long, and now I may finally get to indulge it!  The only problem is that it's the same night as a concert I'd like to go to.  I'll sort that out when it gets closer, as the performer, a local guy named Shane Gamble, is also having a concert the following weekend, but that one is somewhere in Maryland as opposed to Arlington, and I am so crazy unfamiliar with Maryland that it's frightening.

Speaking of concerts, still so excited about the Mumford & Sons tix I bought for June.  I wonder who the lucky recipient of ticket #2 will be!  I know it's probably a little crazy to buy 2 tix, but I just really want to see this show, and I just wanted to be sure I got to go!  Who's up for it????  :-)

On that note, I should try to start unwinding instead of amping up my mind further.  I wanted to get a lot of R&R this weekend, so I'm going to wrap up my saturday night party with some Degrassi.  YOU KNOW YOU LOVE CANADIAN TEEN MELODRAMAS!


  1. It is definitely a weird feeling sometimes, knowing people out there are actually reading your thoughts. I'm pretty cautious - I think about whether it's journal-only material or whether I would be comfortable with everyone I know (plus some people who stumble across it) reading it.

    As my Gmail chat no longer functions at work, I'm definitely grateful for the opportunity to keep up with you . . . between this and midnight phone calls!

    Hope your Sunday is a great one!

  2. P.S. - I LOVE your profile pic! Gorgeous!

  3. Hope you are having a great weekend!

    I have never heard of Mumford and Sons, but I hope you have fun at the concert!

    I haven't been to a concert in years, but in college I saw Phish, The Cure, and Smashing Pumpkins at separate times in concert alone. I would end up selling my 2nd ticket right at the entrance and made back double my money ;) I realize that is not for everyone, but it worked for me because I got sick of being turned down by people I asked to go with me. On the plus side, I would always make friends with the people sitting around me lol.

  4. Just wanted to clarify that in my comment above, I was not suggesting you go alone or try to sell your ticket. I was only talking about my last experiences as a concert goer.