Sunday, April 10, 2011

This is not a breakup blog

I truly have no intention of this being a breakup blog, or even a relationship blog.  But for right now, there might be some breakup blathering just because that's where I'm at in my life right now.  However, I do promise not to dwell too often in emo land.  :-)

Tomorrow would have been my 2 year dating anniversary with my ex.  Yay? I guess it's not an anniversary anymore if you're broken up, but I'm a dates person and these things tend to stick in my mind.  My sole plans for tomorrow aside from work are for an acupunture appt.  Nothing says "Let's commemorate what once was" like getting needles stuck in your body for an hour.  I wonder if my acupuncturist has a heartbreak needle?  She seems to have one for everything else!

I am currently sitting in my living room with all of the windows open, the last of the daylight filtering into the room.  The animals are all scattered in various spots of light, enjoying the scene.  I'm listening to the sounds of various birds chattering and chirping and it's pretty damn peaceful in here.  It's times like this, even after a long, too quiet weekend, where I can remember how nice it is to be on my own.  I always try to appreciate the small things, even when immersed in my own relationship soap operas.

This is the second breakup I've gone through in the spring.  In some ways that's sad, but ultimately I think it's a good thing.  We're leaving winter behind, moving onto new things, everything is brightening and warming up, and spring just feels like a new beginning.  That's exactly what I need.

Regardless of what happens with my relationship with my ex....whether there is some miraculous reconciliation, or if we decide to part ways for good, spring looms.  I will be okay.  There will be thunderstorms, and this will make me brilliantly happy, and there will be flowers and miniature golf and outdoor lunches and light jackets.  There will be nights like this one, with my windows open, my beloved furkids around me, where I will sit in the quiet of it all and appreciate all the good things I still have.  :-)

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