Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Silver Lining Kind of Evening

Four loads of laundry.  A hot meal that included a fresh vegetable.  Dishwasher unloaded.  A night with no migraine.  A night with me and energy in the same zip code.  A walk for the dog, a chat on the phone with my mom.

Tonight I finally felt like me again.  I don't know if it's the Allegra I bought and took today at the recommendation of my awesome pharmacist or what, but this is the best I've felt physically in awhile.  Add to that the weather is gorgeous, I've had the windows open all evening, and I got to crawl into a bed made up with freshly laundered sheets.  A tiny little moment of bliss.  :-)

As I was closing everything down for the evening in the apt., I took the Merdog outside one last time.  I stepped out of the door and was hit with the sweetest smell.  I don't know which flower out there smells that good, but it was just lovely, and I took a deep breath of it.

I have no idea where my life is going.  I can't even predict for 100% sure what I'll be doing this weekend.  But it felt so good to have this night where I felt right again.  I enjoyed my evening alone and appreciated it instead of bemoaning it.  I am still me, I still have people I love and ten million little things that make me happy every single day, even if I forget it sometimes.  I still have a deep capacity for happiness and it was good to remember that again.

And the final happy note to a lovely evening? I get to go into work a couple of hours late because my apartment maintenance folks are coming by at 9 to change air filters and check smoke alarms.  The animals probably won't let me sleep in, but I'll definitely have some additional lounge time, and Mercy walk time, and stop and smell the flowers time (AFTER the Allegra).  ;-)


  1. I love this! So glad you had such a lovely evening! I'll keep my fingers crossed Mercy and the Cats (I'm singing "Benny and the Jets" in my head right now) also want to sleep in . . . just a little bit . . . tomorrow.

  2. @Tracy: I got to sleep in an extra half an hour, woo! ;) Still lovely to lounge about a bit extra this morning!

  3. Yea! Extra sleep (when you're not running extra late) is such a happy thing!