Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I'm still here!  Forgive the absent blogging, but I've been beaten down for the last four plus days with some serious allergy issues.  For awhile I thought I had strep, but I'm convinced it's just good old seasonal allergies kicking my butt.  Stayed home from work yesterday because everything hurt too much to consider moving, and today I've felt marginally better.  Hoping for a significant upswing tomorrow.  ;-)

Just so I don't leave you in total suspense about this weekend...I lived.  We're trying the friendship thing.  No more asinine rules about how often we can contact each other and how, no more trying to force whatever we have into a mold.  I said my piece, all of them in fact, and we had a good discussion.  I felt like it was a very productive day, and we even got brunch!  Day one and two of the friendship experiment are under my belt, even if I don't remember most of Monday due to a sick fog, and I'm feeling good about our chances.  I love him too much to let him go from my life completely, and I believe the feeling is mutual.  I'm interested to see how things shake out down the line, but in the meantime I feel good about speaking up for myself, good about seeing my best friend again, and good in for the congestion, the sore throat, the coughing, the aching ears............ 

And with that, I leave you all to go spend the night with my new BFF, Nyquil Cough. 

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