Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, Monday

I bought a George Foreman grill yesterday.  I have no private outdoor space at this apartment, so the gas grill I own is useless.  It currently resides with my ex and hopefully he will get some good use out of it since I can't.  In the meantime, though, I am deprived of the yummy goodness of grilled food.

I harbor no illusions that the Foreman grill is a true substitute.  I know differently.  I've owned these grills before, and at best they are a sad replacement for the real thing.  However, I figure it will give me a bit more variety for cooking, and burgers and hot dogs will taste better from that than any other options I have.  I plan to have a burger tonight or tomorrow to break the old Foreman grill in.

Things about blogger I've noticed:
When I press Enter, the damn cursor does not go to the next line.  It actually seems to jump to the first line of the current paragraph which is COMPLETELY USELESS.  Thoughts?

Also, I can't reply to comments.  I was warned about that in advance, but it remains sad.  Blogger should fix that!  I feel like I'm leaving people hanging on their comments because I'm so used to replying to them in Livejournal.  I'm not ignoring you, friends!  I just can't reply.  Do I have to comment on my own post to reply?  Hmm.

[This enter key malfunction is pissing me off.]

I brought in leftover homemade waffle for breakfast today, along with a turkey sandwich, some strawberries and an orange.  I also have some Strawberry Banana greek yogurt in the fridge.  Oh, the options.  Still trying to save money until payday on Friday.  This has been the world's longest pay period!  Methinks I will never feel financially flush because there is always some random expense to take a chunk of my pay.  The doggle is running low on dog food, so I'll have to order another one of those gold laden bags.  Nothing like paying $95 for 6 weeks of dog food.  :-o

I really want to write this week.  I am hoping my focus is gradually returning because lacking the attention span to even read an issue of Entertainment Weekly is really grating on my nerves.  There is more to the world than reruns of Law & Order: SVU and old episodes of Sex & the City on cable.  I think this weekend of solitude may have reminded me that the world is still out there, and eventually I'm going to have to rejoin it.  Alone time is a good thing in the right doses, but if you overdo it you aren't doing anyone any favors!


  1. LOL, that enter key issue would drive me crazy as well. And wouldn't you know it, LJ is down AGAIN this morning. UUUUGGGGHHHH. I feel your pain. :)

    We have a GF grill, but I've never used it. I think my hubby has, but that was a long time ago. Hope your burgers turn out ok!

  2. That's why I moved my blog to Wordpress.. so I can reply to comments. And it's easier to leave a comment there because it remembers the user's name, email, and website so they don't have to enter in every time.

    I love that you have a blog now! I'll probably keep up better with you now since I read my Google Reader subscriptions more frequently than LJ.

  3. I think you should answer in the comment section if you can't reply directly to comments or people will feel ignored ;)

    Enjoy your burgers and Foreman Grill. I never use a gas grill or outdoor grill since I really love the ease of the Foreman. Hope you enjoy yours!

  4. I don't think replying via a comment will work because no one will get notified that I've commented on it, will they? Conundrum.

  5. But at least if you reply back, if they visit the blog again, they can check to see if they received a reply. It was just a thought in case you wanted to interact with readers.