Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Slow my roll

I don't actually have time to slow my roll.  It's true!  Lately I have been so stupidly busy, especially at work.  It's really cramping my blog writing time.  Sigh.

Quick like updates for you all:

So I totally ran that 5k on Sunday.  I signed up for it a couple months back at my trainer's behest, and then I spent the time since wondering why.  I was straight up panicking about mortifying myself in the course of this event, making my trainer hang his head in shame and consider disowning me as a client.  Then I sprained/broke/injured a toe on the Wednesday prior.  I turned a corner in my apartment too close and slammed my foot into said corner wall, and I cried.  It hurt like a mofo! 

I skipped the gym that night in favor of buddy wrapping my injury and also because putting on a running shoe made me cry again.  It was pretty bruised by the next morning, and is still a bit bruised.  But thanks to some wrapping, some ibuprofen, some occasional icing and resting it a bit before Sunday, I was fine.

So I ran that 5k.  I was not fast.  I was not graceful.  But I ran it all except for a minute or two break after each mile marker.  I ran with a girl I knew from my boot camp classes, and I finished, and I did much better than I expected.  My trainer was super excited at how well I did, and last night when I saw him for my regular session he was so excited for me.  :-)  Check that one off the list of things I never thought I'd do!

Work.  Insanity.  I am crazy busy and in the midst of half a dozen projects, and they are all bottle necked at ONE PERSON here and he is driving me up a wall.  I could vent further, but I'm going to refrain and just say that I'm trying to be patient while things get sorted out, and hoping that they do so in a timely fashion.  In the meantime, I have a lot hanging over my head at work and I'm grateful to go home every evening and stop thinking about all of it!

Dating.  I deleted OkCupid.  It was super lame.  I have now signed up for, which I did many moons ago.  MAYBE if people are paying for a service they are more invested? Maybe??  We'll see.  I just opened the account yesterday, so I'm still feeling pretty overwhelmed with all of the attention, and I'll need time to sort through the mess and see if any treasures are lurking!

Tomorrow at work my building is hosting another one of it's cool events where a bunch of random animals will be here in our lobby, so I'm excited for that distraction.  My brother's wedding is a week from Saturday, and I will be flying home for all of the festivities a week from Thursday.  I have to get my dress altered and buy a wedding gift and all sorts of nonsense in preparation for that, so those things are on my list of stuff to do!

Tonight?  Tonight there shall be a gym trip, and there shall be laundry.  And that's it.  I can't wait.  :-)


  1. Congrats on the 5k, I think in workout terms, it always seems impossible until its done. Hope your toe is doing better, those injuries hurt so damn bad!

    Fuck OkCupid.

    1. Thank you! I was proud of myself. :) Running amid the group of so many people definitely helped in addition to running specifically with one person I knew. Helped me to keep a reasonable pace and motivated me.

      I agree on OKC. Super lame.

  2. That's so awesome on the 5k - huge accomplishment, especially after hurting a toe - ouch!!! When I joined match eons ago, I remember getting a ton of creepy messages from men who were like, oh, in their 50's? I did go out on a date with a very nice, cute guy. Just no chemistry because I wasn't interested in dating anyone.

    1. Thanks! I was super excited to finish the way I did. :)

      Match is actually good so far, though I have had to filter out some old guys. Yuck.