Friday, March 29, 2013


Allergies, they are bringing me down!  I was so worn out yesterday after work that I came home and took a nap.  A good one, like a couple of hours.  I woke up with a sore throat, which was even more pronounced this morning.  I've sneezed many a time this morning and I am totally congested.  Right on, spring!

Because of all of this, I skipped the gym last night and will go tonight instead.  And I plan to have a fairly quiet weekend in general.  I am getting together with a girlfriend tomorrow evening for dinner and to see "Admission", but beyond that I may be pretty antisocial!  Next weekend is going to be chaotically social, so I figure I can take the break.

Talking to a bunch of lads on, but no one standing out just yet.  I'm tired of douchebags that obsessively point out how "passionate" they are a dozen times over the course of 3 days of chatting.  I GET IT.  YOU LIKE SEX.  Cheers for you!  I'm about to close the door on that guy.  Another one told me he's still trying to figure out what happened in his recently ended month long relationship.  No joke.  If you're still noodling over why the girl dropped you, I don't want you.  Message me when you've moved on, please! 

I need to put an internet sign on my profile stating what is becoming my damn life mantra about dating:

I don't want to be your rebound, or your backup, or your consolation prize.  I'm not going to be your second choice or your alternate.  MOVE ALONG!

Why is that so hard to grasp?

I'm super happy it's friday.  This week has been really busy at work, I'm exhausted from that and the allergies, and I just really need a weekend.  Going to try to take full advantage of it, plus it's supposed to be nice out tomorrow.  :-)

This is the world's most boring Bluemoon post.


  1. To the left, to the left, all the losers online. Which are a lot. However, I expected for you to find lesser losers on a pay site rather than a free site... Hmm.

    Umm, allergies can go F itself, I've never ever had them before, and I'm suffering. Its awful. I ordered meds online, I guess I like to draw out my pain while waiting to get them :/

    1. Ha, that made me laugh since I read it in singsong as I think it was intended. ;) To be fair, I am talking to some decent guys on Match. There will ALWAYS be losers on every site to some degree, true story.

      Yeah, the allergies are insane. I think I went through nearly a whole box of kleenex from all the sneezing this afternoon. :o

  2. Allergy season blows, I feel your pain! I'm sitting here debating whether I want to run out to Walgreens for more Zyrtec or just rub more wrinkles into my itchy eyes.

    I'd say the guys on are a teeensy bit less pathetic than free sites, but as you can see, there's a fair number of men willing to dish out $20/month for easy access to sex. Bleh.

    1. It really is just miserable. :o

      Yeah, I think there will be dirtballs on every site, just hopefully a diminishing number on the paid ones. ;)