Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm voting you off the island, R.

I've mentioned my friend, R on this blog several times.  I believe he started out as "B-Day Guy" since I met him last June on my birthday weekend.  We subsequently became very good friends from about July on through December.  After that, our communication started lacking pretty significantly, and it was on his side. 

R is also the one who is engaged to get married at the end of the month to someone he has been talking to since Thanksgiving and has met in person twice now (2 weeks on first trip, 4 days on second).  He'd called a couple of times recently, and we were texting some.  I suggested getting together this past weekend, and he told me that he couldn't because he was going to his parents for Easter.  Okay, that makes sense.

So Monday he contacts me and I ask how his weekend was.  He mentions seeing a friend of his friday night, then going shopping (ring shopping, ha) and to the gym on Saturday, and spending sunday at his parents.  His parents live maybe an hour away, for the record.  So I pointed out the discrepancy in his story and he made up some excuse for why he ended up being around friday, and said that he thought about contacting me saturday, but assumed I'd made other plans.

I was not impressed, but whatever.  I was going to let it go.  So I tell him we should get together and he suggests monday, but I can't due to acupuncture, so he suggests Tuesday.  We decide on 7:30.  So last night I'm at home, 7:30 rolls on by.  Nothing.  It's 8:15 when I get a text from him saying "Sorry, I'm working on my dad's taxes.  I'm sure you're mad, but I'll get over it.  Will text you tomorrow."

I was PISSED.  Not only did he stand me up and wait 45 minutes to bother letting me know he was blowing me off for something that he could have handled another time, but he then gave me that attitude.  You're mad, but I'll get over it?  Really? 

This kid has started to act like he's doing me a favor by hanging out with me.  It's insulting and ridiculous.  This on top of previously accusing me of being jealous of his fake relationship, and also telling me last week that since he needs to lose 7 lbs. before the wedding (no joke) he would always choose working out over hanging out with me.

His priorities are screwed, he's turning his world into a two person place, and I am DONE.  With friends like this, who needs enemies?

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