Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy come, easy go

I should have kept a running list of the names of guys I've been on dates with and how many dates each got. I've been on so many fruitless first dates in the last year that I can't even begin to cobble together such a thing.  Pick out all the most generic men's names you can and I've probably dated half of them.  :-)  Very few have gotten past one date, and only two have made it past three! 

Add Tuesday's lad to the list.  His name was Mike.  No chance in outing anyone with that one!  No love connection there.  I am lucky that for as many first dates as I have been on, none of them have been god awful horrible.  Mostly they are totally pleasant events that I wrap up and leave at the table afterward.  This one fell into that same category.

Talking to a couple more, so I'll update if I meet any of them and they turn out to be worthy of real disclosure.  Otherwise they will be lucky to show up as a footnote!  ;-) 

I have plans with the someone on saturday night.  The day is supposed to be rainy and cool, which is perfect staying in weather.  I'm hoping for some kind of combined dinner effort and a movie.  We shall see.  I'm not sure what I could contribute now that I'm trying to eat better.  My usual contribution to things like that is my kickass macaroni and cheese.  Unfortunately, I think that has enough calories to feed a small city in one serving, so there goes that! 

I am still pondering that someone situation.  Perhaps saturday evening will further enlighten me?

I feel the need for a drive this weekend.  An aimless one, as I'll already be driving quite a bit.  This habit of mine is expensive with gas the way it is lately!  Maybe tonight after the gym.  I know, I'm a party animal.

I apologize for the pointless nature of this post.  Cheers to Friday!

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