Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good music doesn't need a date

A couple of months back I bought concert tickets for an Icelandic group called Of Monsters and Men that I'd fallen in love with.  I don't even remember where I first learned about them, but I downloaded their EP and anxiously awaited their full album release, which was actually today.

Anyway, when I heard they were coming to town, I immediately bought tickets, and it was a good thing I did.  They sold out very quickly, especially considering that pretty much no one I knew had even heard of them at that point.  I bought them with no idea of who I'd get to accompany me, much like I had with Mumford and Sons last summer. 

I should have known from that experience that this would not pan out in any expected fashion.  With Mumford, I bought the tickets while still with ex-bf.  We talked about still attending together even post break-up, but then that fall apart.  I started dating Artboy, and one of our initial common talking points was our mutual love of this band.  I remember long instances in his little studio apartment kissing with their music playing in the background.  Anyway, he agreed to go with me.  Then that fell apart.  We were talking by the time the show came about, but barely, so I ended up taking ex-H.  He did me a solid by going, especially because it poured rain and hailed on our long drive to Maryland for the show, and he didn't even know the group.  The concert was brilliant, but ex-H was clearly just there as a favor; he spent most of his time on his phone not even paying attention.  He bought me a concert tee, though, so it all balanced out. Ha!

So now here I was with these tickets to Of Monsters and Men.  When I first met and went out with the latest guy, we talked about him going with me to this show.  Clearly, that didn't work out.  It was a monday night show. For a group no one had heard of.  Not a lot of interest there!  I half considered staying home because the idea of going home then going straight back into the city exhausted me, and I was tired already.

But I rallied.  I stumbled upon an Indie Music Meetup group in the area.  One of their events was this concert.  I sold my spare ticket to another member and attended this concert last night in the company of 4 strangers, and we all hung out together and chatted and I had an amazing time.  The show was excellent, the group was wonderful live.  Great energy, adorable, talented, legitimate musicians and singers.  They had that glow of a band on the verge of greatness, and I was excited to be a part of it.

Sure, in my head I had a vague hope that between the time I bought the tickets and when the show came around that I'd have someone to take with me.  I'll admit it, I may be torn on  the whole relationship thing, but I do miss some practical things.  I miss having a built in concert date, movie date, dinner date.  It was nice to know I had one person I could rely on to come through for things like that more often than not.  But I'm ultimately doing just fine without it.  I got to see my concert, and this time I went with people who wanted to see the show we were attending, and were just as excited as me.  :-)

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