Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last night

It was a good night.  :-) 

I came home from work and I just felt good.  I put my ipod on the dock and turned it on to my new (to me) favorite song, "Cosmic Love" by Florence + the Machine.  This song just gets to me, and it builds up to these really amazing points, and it makes me insanely happy.  The song just *feels* good to me.  ArtBoy actually recommended it the other night when I requested some new music suggestions.  We definitely have similiar tastes in music, and when he suggested this song via the video, I fell instantly in love with it. 

Anyway!  I reveled in my (as) loud (as I can have it in my apartment) music for awhile before heading out again about 7:15pm.  I had to hit the mall because the heels I'd ordered for my weekend trip ended up being out of stock and the order got cancelled.  Of course I couldn't find anything comparable at the mall I went to, so I'm off to look again over lunch.  If I don't have any luck there, it's off to a different mall tonight, and then I give up.  :-D

After the mall I went to BDay Guy's apartment to hang out.  He ordered a pizza and we watched "Take Me Home Tonight", a movie set in the 80s that I actually really enjoyed!  It was a good, innocent time, LOL.  We get along pretty well and he lives really close by, so it's easy to hang out. 

I left about 10:45, and decided I wanted to go on a little drive.  WELL.  That turned out to be a bit of a disaster, as I got stuck in this ridiculous traffic jam on the interstate due to construction.  GOOD TIMES!  I ended up stopping at Wegman's while I was out, since I was out in that general direction, and I really had to go to the bathroom, ha.  Too much water!  I ended up spending 40 bux there, when I think I just went in for a drink and a bathroom.  Go figure.

I finally headed home after that and spent some time unwinding and trying on outfits and dresses to decide what I want to bring this weekend.  I'm getting pretty excited for my NYC trip, partially for NYC and partially because I get to leave town for a few days! 

Today is my thursday when it comes to work, and I am barely focused.  I'd rather be shopping, cleaning my apartment or packing, all things I'll need to do in the next couple of days before we leave Friday morning.

"I took the stars from my eyes and then I made a map
And knew that somehow I could find my way back"
-Cosmic Love, Florence + the Machine


  1. Very cute. I know you will have a wonderful time in the city. Take a look at City Maps... I bet it will be an asset to you during your visit.

  2. @Melissa: Thank you for the link, I did take note of it before leaving actually. I had the best time, kind of sad to be back to reality. :)