Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Five kinds of distracted

I am back from NYC, and back in the office, and I can't focus at all.  I am so distracted, and it's just not happening!  I am not exaggerating when I say that I had the best weekend I've had in...years?  Tis true.  I had so much fun, it was such a liberating, empowering weekend, and I did exactly what I wanted and loved it all.

I look at the pictures from Saturday in particular, and I don't's hard to describe.  I am in awe of the fact that I am capable of looking that amazing.  :-)  I don't know or care what everyone else thought, I felt stunningly beautiful, confident and happy.  I felt like I honestly kind of pulsated with awesomeness. 

Beyond that...if it's wrong to make out with strangers in the midst of a weekend in NYC, then I don't wanna be right.  I LOVE embracing the freedom to just kiss someone and not have it be this earthshattering, emotionally tangled thing.  I met the first guy, S, on Friday night at a speakeasy we went to.  He bought us falafel after (my first ever!) and helped us ward off a trio of rather pushy gentleman who REALLY wanted us to continue the party with them elsewhere. 

Don't worry, he got a silver lining, too...he got to watch their faces when we walked off with one of him instead of three of them as he caught us a cab.  ;-)  He told us that he wasn't sure if we had wanted to go with them instead, we told him no, our loyalty was to our speakeasy friend.  S was rather beautiful, with gorgeous dark brown eyes and big, full lips perfect for kissing a stranger.  :-)

The second stranger was a gentleman we will call M.  I met him at the club we went to Saturday night.  He, too, was beautiful.  I was kind of impressed with myself for the talent I was attracting!  Very sweet, we danced together for about half an hour towards the end of the night. 

The weekend was just such a good time.  I loved staying out all hours of the night, going to bed when it was daylight.  I loved getting all dressed up and knowing I looked good, I loved going to new places, trying new things, navigating my way around NYC.  I felt much more comfortable there this time than last, and in a different time and place I could see myself living there and loving it.  I love the fast pace, all the people, all the things to do. 

Right now I guess I am just sort of basking in the afterglow of a particularly awesome weekend, and it makes it awfully hard to focus on things like work!


  1. So glad you had such an incredible weekend. You are gorgeous, anyway, but you look like you know it in these pictures! ;) Seriously . . . good call on that dress. Glad you gave in to the peer pressure!

  2. @Tracy: Aw, thank you! I did feel spectacular in the dress, I have to say. Can't wait to find an excuse to wear it again, LOL.