Monday, August 29, 2011

August and everything after

August is winding down, and in retrospect, it's been kind of a crazy month!  It started with a trip to Omaha, and is almost ending with another one, though technically this next visit is in September.  I had one date this month, and it was bearable, but not worthy of a second date.  I've lost a lot of interest in the online dating ventures lately, though this past weekend of Hurricane Irene weather seemed to create a lot of boredom that resulted in me receiving a lot of new messages.  I went to NYC last weekend, I've had happy hours and plans with various friends.  I've (finally) gotten to watch some football, even if it's just preseason.  There was the earthquake excitement on Tuesday, August 23rd, and the Hurricane Irene drama this past weekend.

September looks to be a lot quieter.  No travel planned after I return from Omaha, and unless there is some spontenaity on the part of some friends, I'll likely be sticking around here.  I do wish I could get to the beach before fall settles in, but I just don't know if that will happen.  In fact, in looking at my planner for September, all I really see are football games to watch, Dr. and dentist appointments, and a firm happy hour at a bowling alley in the city.  Granted, that event is always an excellent time, but it's still quite a change from the fanfare of August.  :-)

I do love September, though.  September means regular season football and college football.  It means the tiniest introduction to fall.  It means Labor Day weekend, which for me this year will be a 4 day weekend.  I've gotten care for my animals squared away in my absence, which is a relief, and now all that's left to do is pack my backpack Saturday morning and head out! 

I feel like I have a more introspective post in me, but for right now I can't pull it to the surface, so I'll just wrap up for the time being!

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