Friday, August 5, 2011


“The second principle of magic: things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after the physical contact has been severed.” - James G. Frazer

I will never understand how someone can be so tender, sweet and affectionate with someone one day, and the next be distant, dismissive and honestly, kind of rude.  I am simply not programmed that way, and to me, genuine is genuine.  I can't undo it, I can't pull away from it.  If I feel it, I feel it.

Screw the rationalizations:  He secretly likes me and doesn't know how to deal.  He's overwhelmed.  He's afraid.  No.

What he is is an asshole.  A coward.  A mistake.

We'd maintained a tenuous connection until this last week, and I liked feeling connected even when we weren't really connected the way we started.  But now it's starting to seem almost combative, and I feel that connection floundering.  If we're not physically connected anymore, maybe the rest isn't going to work like I thought it would.

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