Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hey, I've got my own baggage, I don't want yours.

So I went on a date a few weeks back with a guy, I think I called him Sillybandz Guy.  Maybe.  Or maybe I just called him that in my head.  Date was fine, he was very nice.  We made plans for a second date, but I bailed at the last minute.  Mr. Persistence kept texting me and emailing me, anyway.  I had no intention of going on any more dates with him, which I thought was fairly obvious.

So last night he texts me again and I engage in some inane chatter.  He asks (AGAIN) if he can see me when he gets back into town, and I tell him that I'm kind of burnt out on the dating thing (not untrue) and that I'm more interested in doing my own thing right now.  He says he understands, but call if things change.  I genuinely offer to hang out socially, anyway, because he was a funny guy, just not someone I want to date. 

WELL.  Apparently that was a mistake, LOL.  The response I got was somewhere along the lines of "Thanks, but I have enough friends.  I don't understand why I'm perfectly lovely as a friend, but not dateable.  I won't bug you anymore." 

As I read this, I pictured a grown man packing up his toys and stomping out of the yard.  It is really not my issue if this guy is chronic friend material only, and I was annoyed that I happened to be the lucky ticket holder for the bitch fit.  Such is life!

Hey SillyBandz, here's a clue:  On a first date (or a second, or fifth, or tenth), don't spend an hour talking with great fervor about how much you dislike your (not even ex) wife.  Yeah, just an idea.  ;-)

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