Tuesday, August 23, 2011

(Drunk) Texting at its finest

I got a (drunk?) text saturday night from someone that said "I love you".  Oh dear.  Yup, I know who it was from.  Do you?

On the upside, at least I didn't send the text, LOL. 

I did tell a dead sexy bartender on Friday night that he was a "beautiful, beautiful individual" and got my picture taken with him.  Seriously, he was deliciously beautiful and the picture does him no justice.  He used to model.  SIGH.  ;-)

I did send some intoxicated texts, but generally I just enjoy the lack of filter I have when drinking, so I send things I actually wanted to say, anyway.  I'm sometimes amused by them in the morning, but have yet to be mortified by any of them.  YET!  ;-)


  1. Hmmm . . . I have a guess, but I don't know if it's right or not!

  2. @Tracy: Think of the one person I probably should just quit, but can't, and you'll be on the money.

  3. I will guess the ex-hubster? What did you respond back? Hope you made it through the storm ok!

  4. @gatorchica: all good here post storm. :) brief power outage, but came back on quickly.

    and nope, wasn't x-H. Artboy. I know. TOTALLY random.