Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Waffling, it's my expertise.

I know some of you have asked to hear about the good date, but here's the thing:  I saw the guy again tonight, and now I'm thinking I should give this a wait and see approach.  I'm all up inside my own head about this, and I have this fear that I'm behaving stupidly out of some misguided attachment to someone I claim to have let go of, but haven't completely.  :-/

I need a little processing time to see where I stand on all of this tomorrow.  I do believe he wants to see me again, but I think I need to get a handle on what's going on in my head before I commit.  Sorry for being all vague, but honestly, I'm embarrassed of where I stand right now, all muddled up in someone not deserving of the attention, and I'm trying to figure out how to extricate myself efficiently. 

This is all complicated by the fact that I have to see the subject of all this discussion either tomorrow or thursday.  I'll probably aim for tomorrow assuming he's around, but he has something of mine I left the last time I was over, and I need to pick it up.  Whether or not it's a straightforward pickup or an evening hanging out or something along those lines, I'm not sure yet.  So much gray area, and yet really it's so obvious.

Why do I hold onto the ones I should let go of?

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  1. Please just pick it up. Have him leave it on his porch and go. You ARE better than this. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THIS!!! Do not make someone a priority who sees you as an option.

    As for the new guy, no harm in taking a step back. You are right not to allow him to get him invested if it can hurt him. But don't waste your time waiting around on something you know in your head AND your heart you are better than.