Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cheap is not cute, kids.

You know what's a guaranteed turn off on a date?  Go out for a meal, and as soon as the check arrives, snatch it up off the table, eyeball it, then inform your lady date of how much she owes ($12.50, for the record). 

The worst part is that I ALWAYS offer to contribute for my share once the guy offers to's only fair.  They just about never accept, but this is the first time I've been flat out stonewalled like this.  Guess who will not be getting another date?  Yup, that guy.  All over $12.50!

That was one of two dates this weekend.  That one clearly sucked, the other one was meh.  BLAH, dating.


  1. Wow, how lame. That's your opportunity to snatch back the bill, find a 'clerical error', leave the table to 'go get it fixed', then pay the bill and catch a cab before he realizes what is up.

    On a first date, I'd expect to /tip/ more than $12.50, not just foot the bill. At least if i wanted the relationship to last longer.

  2. Right? I couldn't believe how tacky taht was, and all over the cheapest date I've been on yet. It was a brunch, and the last meal I'll ever share with this tool. :/

    There is an obvious reason some of these people are single, LOL.