Friday, July 22, 2011

I just keep trucking on.

Happy Friday!  I am having a not bad day thus far, which is a nice improvement over yesterday!  I've got mellow evening plans to order a pizza and watch a movie or two with a good friend, so I'm looking forward to a quiet night in.  And no, this time friend isn't code for anything!  :-)

I think GymTeacher has gone poof.  Honestly, I'm not heartbroken.  I felt like we started off weirdly, and it was hard to get it back on course, so it's probably better that we both just move on.  A couple of the guys I'd been talking to have kind of fallen off the map, and again, that's okay.  I am all about letting people who are not really interested disappear!

I do have a date on Saturday for a movie and then dinner.  We're seeing a 4:30 movie, so I guess the nice thing is that if it sucks, I still have some evening left after.  ;-)  I don't have a nickname for this one yet, LOL.  My first inclination is Shorty because he's the shortest guy I've gone out with yet..he's my height!  ;-)  Uh oh, it may stick now.  We'll see.  Maybe he won't need a nickname because the date will be blah and he'll just be another guy I went out with once. I have to admit, my expectations have been tempered greatly by recent experiences.

Rest assured, I'll be making a solid effort to look cute and if he's suitable, offer up my sparkling wit and personality.  :-D

Few more hours left in this work day and then the weekend begins!

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