Monday, July 18, 2011

Bibbity Bobbity Boo, I pick....huh?

It's a miracle, peeps.  I'm currently talking to someone whom I've seen three times and actually expect to see again.  Told you it was a miracle.  :-)  Let's back up and explain why.

I've been on dates with multiple guys since starting this whole online dating adventure.  Aside from Artboy, whom I dated for a few weeks consistently, I've gone on maybe 8 dates that didn't make it past the first one.  Out of those, only one is a guy I would have wanted to go out with again, but he never contacted me back.  Them's the breaks, LOL.  I also went on two dates each with two other guys, but I didn't really feel a spark with either, I was just trying to be fair and give it a shot since they were both genuinely nice.  No go.  I couldn't force a third date even though they both wanted to, so I backed out as gracefully as I could.

I met three date guy last week and went out with him for the first time on Monday.  We'll call him purveyor of all my high school nightmares, or how about GymTeacher.  Yup, he's a high school PE/Health teacher.  I told him on our first meeting that his job represents very bad memories of high school involving laps and sprinting drills and a general sense of embarrassment for most sports we were forced to play.  Except for badminton.  I liked badminton.  ;-)

Anyway, GymTeacher is a nice guy.  He's 6'2", broad shoulders, nice body because he likes to work out.  A lot.  But unlike one of my other second date contenders who told me I shouldn't eat shakes and burgers and tried to con me into running with him, this guy knows it's all about moderation foodwise, and has yet to harass me about running with him.  Thank god.  I don't like exercise peer pressure from men I'm involved in in any capacity, it feels like a dig.

He's sarcastic and cocky in that way I'm attracted to, the way that I tend to behave when I'm on my game.  :-)  We had a good banter back and forth on the phone before we even met, so I had a feeling I'd like him.  And the nice part?  FINALLY, a spark.  There's definitely a significant attraction, which is reassuring.  After so many blah dates, including a couple with perfectly nice and attractive people, I was worrying a little, but it turns out my body/mind/heart just knows what it's attracted to, and I can't force it if it's not there. 

He lives about 20-30 minutes away (argh), and so far I've gone his way twice and he's come my way once.  It's his turn to come my way again, LOL.  I offered to go out in his direction first because I'm weird and I love the drive.  :-) 

I have no idea where we're going, I have no real inclinations or deep thoughts about it except that he makes me laugh and he's attractive and fun.  I saw him Monday and Tuesday of last week, and then later on Friday as well after my happy hour.  We've talked on the phone a few times, including last night when he called to see how my weekend had been.  I laughed a lot in that conversation, and it was flirty and fun and all that good stuff.  So we'll see how that goes!

Beyond GymTeacher, all the other dates I've been on have been left in the dust.  The one exception is ArtBoy, whom I still talk to on a daily basis, even if its just a quick exchange of texts.  For whatever reason, I still like the kid, and we get along well so long as the expectations are in check...meaning that I know he's not boyfriend material.  He's funny and he makes me laugh, and I remain attracted to him, but I know it won't go anywhere.  I have seen him about once a week lately, and we get along well and have a good time hanging out, so that's that.

I do have a couple other things in the mix right now.  I'm talking to about 3-4 different guys on the dating site that I'm getting along with well.  These are all people I would be willing to meet up with if given the chance.  I"ve been more proactive lately, messaging more people rather randomly, just because.  I don't want to just be the passive one waiting for someone to come to me.  Nothing wrong with seeking out what I'm looking for specifically!  If anyone turns into anything noteworthy, I'll update, but for now they are just possibilities.  One is an identical twin, which I find amusing, mostly because his twin is also on the site, LOL.  He noted that in his profile to avoid any confusion, and also advised that he was cooler than his brother. :-) 

So that's where I stand....somewhere in the middle of...something!  Just where I like to be. 

Secret:  When I went to see GymTeacher on Friday night, we were very chill and just hung out at his house on his couch.  I played with his two dogs, who love me, and we just kind of relaxed on the couch, and I got to curl up with him a little, and it was nice.  I do miss that.  End secret that's not really a secret.  ;-)

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