Friday, July 22, 2011


Ex has contacted me a couple times lately.  He's sending me pictures of his new puppy, and that terrible almost naked shot.  I got tired of seeing his name pop up, so I went to change his contact name.  First he was Two Year Mistake, but today I changed it to Vanity Smurf.  Why?  Because his latest userpic is a black and white, grainy self portrait shot of him shirtless.



  1. Jaime, be a bitch to him at this point. Be rude, be mean, and be direct. Ask him if his gf knows he is contacting you because you would be happy yo tell her. Then tell him you dont care about him or his life and to please stop contacting you. Then add a ps and say something like you are truly embarassed for him when he sends those naked creeper pics and to please seek professional help, as well as a trainer because if you were him, you wouldnt show anyone those pictures.

  2. Wow, he's sort of taken a dive off the deep end.

  3. @gatorchica: Maybe eventually if he keeps bothering me, but at this point it's funny. ;) LOL about the trainer part.

    @MFW: A big old, headlong one!