Friday, February 27, 2015

Fantastic Friday

It's a fantastic friday because every friday is fantastic...even the ones where you lose the winter hat you love during the course of your morning commute.  Boo!  Add it to the list of things to buy this weekend.

Thursday was a bit of a nut of a day, too.  While perusing my checking account online, I noticed two $350 charges that came through Monday.  I didn't recognize them, and immediately did some googling of the name that came through for the charge.  Per the internets, this is some foreign company who got a hold of a bunch of valid debit card numbers SOMEHOW and is now fraudulently charging the accounts for amounts between $300-400, with some people being hit twice.  Lucky me, I got the twofer!

I called my bank and got my card cancelled, and filed a claim on the two charges.  They are going to give me a provisional credit in the next couple of days while they investigate and said they will follow up with me if they have any questions along the way.  In the meantime I had to venture down to the nearest branch to get a temporary debit card, though they expedited the new one and it should be in my mailbox tomorrow.  GOOD TIMES, I tell you!

I really have no idea how or where my debit card number was procured, but this is my first experience with anything of this kind.  So far my bank has been pretty awesome about it, so that's a good start.  Hopefully it will all get resolved fairly quickly and without too much hassle.  Is that too much to hope for?  :-)

I spent last night working out with my trainer, running a couple of errands, and then coming home to shower, blow out my hair, and pack some things to take this weekend.  Each time I left the house yesterday I took some additional things to my car, and I'll take a couple trips tonight I'm sure.  I'm basically bringing clothes and shoes tonight, as well as a few other miscellaneous items.  Next weekend will be all the things I couldn't part with yet, like all of my jewelry, my toiletries, the coffee mugs and random kitchen items I've selected as filling gaps at BF's house, remaining cat items (beds, large food containers, dishes, etc.) and the various knicknacks that will make this feel more like home for me.

We're also going shopping tomorrow.  I have a few small items I need right off the bat to make the living situation more workable for me, and BOY are they exciting...  trash can for the bathroom (toilet and shower are in a separate room within the bathroom, he currently only has a trashcan in the main part of the bathroom with the sinks and tub), a drying rack for my clothes (probably needed this at my apartment, as I'm constantly drying sweaters and gym shirts on my kitchen table), a shower caddy since he just has one tiny corner shelf in there now, and an over the door towel rack for the bathroom, as he for some reason objects to my current practice of laying them across the edge of the bathtub on the weekends.  ;-)  I think we're also going to look at getting an over the toilet cabinet for extra storage of things like TP, his soap, etc.  We need to clean out some under the sink cabinet space for my toiletries and things, and right now it's loaded with these things!

Now I need to add winter hat to the list, too!  We also "get" to go to Lowe's to replace some blinds that broke in his kitchen.  Lately they've been on a breaking spree, so it feels like we're there every couple of months doing this for another window.  :-p

It's really interesting going through my apartment and deciding what I "need" for a month or two. Earlier in the week I spent some time going through the clothes in my bedroom weeding things out for donation.  I do this fairly often, so there wasn't a ton.  I had the stack set aside to deal with later. After choosing what I was going to take with me last night, I realized that there is definitely more to be donated amongst the items I was leaving behind!

One thing I really do love about moving, even though it's a huge pain, is that it's a chance to re-evaluate the things you carry with you.  I always end up trashing some things, selling some things and donating a lot.  I anticipate this will be no different.  My goal for next week is to go through the rest of these clothes I'm leaving behind, go through my SHOES (I'm not yet bringing all my heels that are stored in their boxes), accessories and my storage unit downstairs for this trash/sell/donate checklist.  I'm really looking forward to it because I know my storage unit has a LOT I will donate and it will be good to clear that stuff out right off the bat.

Anyway, this is my life right now.  :-)  I'm just glad that I've moved on from the existential crisis and panic associated with the actual move to obsessing over the practicalities of it.  This is the kind of stuff I thrive on!  We're also going to work on organizing BF's things this weekend as he makes room for my things.  He will be forced to go through his closet, his drawers, and a lot of paperwork stored in my "nightstand" that is really just a low table right now.  ;-)  He's not excited, but I am!

I hope everyone has a really lovely Friday and an even better weekend!


  1. My bank account # has been taken numerous times. The bank told me people have card machines that they swipe your card through (after they ring you up wherever you are) and then make a card with your info. The good thing is that it happens so much I have never had an issue with my bank, it's always taken care of very quickly.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Wow, really? I guess I should feel lucky this hasn't happened before. :-o

  2. I've had two foreign, fraudulent transactions on the same checking account in the last 30 days. I am pissed about it. However, my credit union is really good about calling me immediately when a suspicious transaction occurs, generally within 4-6 hours. However, these last few times I noticed right away because I tried to use my card and it got decline and I felt really embarrassed.

    I like moving because its an ultra purge of all the shit you never use. Its good for the soul, and the future closet space.

    1. Ugh! Not a fan of this fraud stuff that seems to have become more prevalent. My bank didn't notice this one, so I guess I just need to stay vigilant about monitoring my stuff just in case!

      Yes, moving is amazing for that cleansing feeling. I love that aspect!