Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Because now I need a happy post...

Valentine's Day!  I had such a nice one.  :-)  It was actually just a really lovely weekend in general.

Friday night BF got to stay out my way for a few hours as he waited for his daughter to be done watching a play with her friends.  We went to dinner in Old Town at a restaurant we went to once before and enjoyed.  It was our solo moment of the weekend, so we enjoyed it!  Afterwards we headed back to his house and just relaxed before bed.

I woke up Saturday and lounged about briefly before going downstairs.  I settled into the couch with my electric throw and coffee and BF disappeared upstairs, then returned with a gorgeous bouquet of tulips in a really pretty red mason jar vase.  They were two shades of pink and white, and so lovely!  I was so surprised, which made it even nicer.  :-)  He then reappeared again with a really cute card and a little box containing a pair of sweet little earrings.  He knows me so well!

It really made my day that he'd made this effort, in particular after last year, when he took me entirely too literally when I declared that I thought V-Day was mostly silly.  That resulted in me not even getting a card, which was kind of a bummer LOL.  So the point is that this year, I was really impressed and truly appreciated his efforts.

He also got his daughter some flowers and a card, though they were from the cat.  ;-)  He left them in her bedroom for her to wake up to, which was super cute!  BF was quite the little V-Day spirit this weekend!

We'd originally planned to go bowling that evening, but weather was predicted to be pretty crappy. We ended up going out to a NY style pizza place for lunch, which was delicious.  We then went to Target and bought Clue and Scattergories, Our afternoon was filled with board games and baking Valentine's Day cupcakes together, which was so fun!  We all then got together to cook dinner, which was Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese with sauteed green beans...YUM!  We played more Scattergories that evening at daughter's request and just hung out together most of the night.  It was really nice!

Sunday was just a lazy sunday.  His daughter slept in and then cleaned her bedroom, filling the in between times with her ipod and her phone and her laptop.  ;-)  We ate leftovers and snuck cupcakes, and BF and I caught up on The Walking Dead after she headed home.  I went home shortly thereafter, and that wraps my V-Day weekend!

My flowers are still looking so lovely at home on my kitchen table.  :-)  They really just brighten the place up!

In other news, we got a snow day yesterday!  It wasn't a ton of snow, but the timing was just right, so everything in the city pretty much closed.  I lounged in bed until 9:30 or so, and spent the first part of the day watching Netflix and DVR.  I finished watching "The Fall" on Netflix and it was amazing and awesome.  Loved it!  Hoping there will be a Season 3.  In the afternoon I got bitten by the productivity bug, which my apartment benefited from!

Things I got done:
* Two loads of laundry
* Vacuuming the whole apartment
* Taking the trash out
* Cleaning all the counters, stovetop, window ledges, and things in my kitchen and bathroom
* Digging my car out from the snow
* Cleaning the evil cat litterbox
* Organizing bookshelves
* Painting my nails ;-)
* iTunes cleanup

I'm sure there are other things I got to, but those were the main events.  :-)  Cheers for the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity!


  1. Boys are so silly thinking that we wouldn't want flowers and a card on Vday!

    1. Right? I ended up flat out telling him that I definitely at least want a card. :-) He listened even though that was months ago!

  2. Very nice, and your boyfriend is so cute to be Mr Valentine with his daughter like that!!

    I hate doing iTunes clean up, takes forever, but I need to do it to, and back up my hard drive. Looking forward to watching The Fall soon.

    1. Really enjoyed The Fall, though it was a super creepy show to watch home alone LOL.

  3. Tulips are amazing! BF is definitely a cutie! I thought it was adorable that he sent his daughter a card and flowers from the cat!!! I'm glad he made an effort; I think a quiet Valentine's Day can be the most special - sounds lovely!

    1. Thanks, it was a really nice occasion. :)