Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jury Duty and then some

So I had Jury Duty for the first time yesterday. I'd always wondered what it would be like, and I'm glad I had the experience.  I did actually get selected for the jury, and sat through plaintiff testimony until about 3pm, wherein the Judge had us leave the courtroom and wait.  About half an hour later, he advised us that he had dismissed the case, so we were free to go.  I'm now free of the burden  of jury duty for another three years should I stay in my current city. 

It wasn't a bad experience at all.  I was interested to see how it all worked, and to see a real trial, even if just for a bit.  I also got to spend a lunch hour in Old Town on a spectacularly beautiful day, and got home by 4pm.  Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday.  :-)

In other news, I came back to a hot mess at work.  End of month is our busiest time, and it lags over into the first week of the month.  I was putting out fires and handling rushes all morning.  Right now I'm in a holding pattern on about half a dozen projects, waiting for someone else to do their part before I can do mine.  Should make for a nice, busy afternoon!

In other news, I'm going back home to visit my family this weekend.  I leave Saturday and return Tuesday.  Short trip, but it will be good to see my grandfather.  After his double bypass a month ago, he ended up back in the ER and having another surgery (hernia-related) last Monday.  He got released from the hospital on Monday and sent to a different rehabilitation facility than after the bypass, and he will be there for probably two weeks.  I'm looking forward to seeing him even if those places give me the heebie-jeebies.  I also get to spend Saturday night hanging out with my brother and his wife, and our plan is to go visit some haunted attractions that night.  I'm excited to get my October started properly!

On the men front, things area mixed bag.  Artboy and I are in a weird place.  Something was obviously going on with him for a couple of days because he was weird and grumpy.  He's evened out now, and we're chatting, but each time this happens I find myself pulling back a little bit more.  I still really enjoy when we hang out, but the overall affection for him dwindles a little bit each time he indulges in one of his moods.  I guess it's a good thing to feel less attached to him as time goes by, since we are very clearly not a big picture match, but it's also a little sad.  I guess that's how things go!

Beyond that, I'm talking to some people, including Georgia, from way, way back.  He moved here in February from Georgia, where we'd been talking a ton via phone and texting.  Then once he actually moved here it dropped off, which was so weird.  We reconnected in the last month or two and are back to talking on pretty much a daily basis.  He travels some crazy days a year (over 200), so he's hard to catch in person.  We're still hoping to meet up eventually, but he doesn't get back from his current work trip until October 16.  He admitted that his previous hesitation about meeting stemmed from the fact that he really enjoys talking to me, and if we meet and it doesn't click for either of us, we'll lose that.  I truly understand that, and agree, because I do like having him to talk to.  But I also know that at some point or another we have to bite the bullet and meet. 

I guess that's all I know for now.  Going to get back to my lunch hour and get to the actual eating part since I forgot breakfast (aside from coffee) and my stomach is growling! 

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