Monday, October 28, 2013

the (un)brave one

So I managed to get to my haunted forest on Friday night.  Everyone bailed except for my ex-H.  I think he might have bailed otherwise, but I vented at him my vast frustration with all the flaky people who had bailed originally, and I think I scared him into staying in.  ;-)  We made the hour long drive out to nowhere, Maryland and ate at one of the three designated restaurants where you could get a fast pass.  It was kitschy, but the food was actually good!  I will admit that the fast pass made the haunted forest experience absurdly fast.  I'm the type who likes to enjoy the atmosphere, wander around, take in the giant bonfire.  Ex is more of the do what we came here for and get out type.  Since he was driving, since he paid for everything, I let things go that way.  Ultimately, I was just happy to go!  It was a great scare, perfect weather, and a good meal to boot.

Ex and his gf of the last few months broke up Saturday.  It was too bad because I really liked her for him.  Guess it just didn't work out.  On the upside, we're now talking again about going to Kansas City for a Chiefs game this November.  Hopefully it will come to fruition.  I know it's weird, but we're just really good friends, and since we're both single we are not held back by the insecurity of others, and we can just hang out.  It's kind of nice!  Sometimes I do think it's sad that a) I don't have that kind of attraction to him anymore and b) I could never trust him on that level again.  But I don't and I can't, so it will just stay a good friendship.  :-)

Saturday started out not great.  I'd been up late the night before, so it was a chore to get up for my 9 am session with my trainer.  Showed up, texted him I was there....only to have him text me and tell me that I wasn't scheduled until 11, and the training calendar had been wrong.  I was PISSED.  I went back home, but couldn't even snag more sleep because I had a chiro appt. at 11. 

Turns out he also sent an email this weekend saying that there will be no more sales on training packages, and no more re-sign deals.  Apparently he is overtaxed with clients and is using this pricing change to whittle down his client list.  I've talked about being done with him before, but this pretty much seals it.  I've only seen him for as long as I have because of his reasonable prices.  If he goes up to what everyone else is charging, he's pricing me out.  I have 20 sessions left prepaid, but after that I think my time with him will be over.  I'm going to spend those 20 sessions paying closer attention to what we do, the weights he has me using, the number of reps.  Must prepare for being on my own again, and must find a way to get over my gymtimidation with regards to the weights section at the gym.

I have yet to watch any of my scary movies, and I'm beginning to feel crunched for time.  All of these migraines lately are really screwing me over in terms of productivity time and relaxation time.  I feel good so far today, so tonight I have to go get gas, get to the store for a couple of things, including pumpkin #2, and get to the gym FINALLY.  I haven't been in days between being busy Friday and having migraines every other damn day.  My problem with the scary movies is that I need to watch them early enough that I can watch something happy after.

I feel like I have a lot to do....various errands, cleaning up my apartment (another thing that languished due to migraines), getting to the gym/working out and getting all of my Halloween things done in time.  I don't want to feel rushed!  I'm also trying to figure out this KC trip and juggle a bunch of work things as well.  So much going on.

Nothing new on the dating front.  Talking to some people, blocked another one this weekend.  I read his message on my phone, checked his profile on my phone super briefly.  Was going to reply when I got to a computer.  Before I even had a chance, he emailed me and asked why so many women viewed his profile, but didn't reply, and asked if he was ugly.  I tried to be nice and explain why I personally hadn't replied yet, and also that often times people just didn't like you back on these sites, and that it happened to me all the time, and not to take it personally.  He wrote back and told me that I was giving him attitude like everyone else, and it  was discouraging, wah wah wah.  I wrote back and told him he was coming off desperate and insecure.  I made sure he had time to read it, then blocked him.  What an insecure brat!  I try to be nice to these people....


  1. That guy sounds like a complete loser. Ugh, I hate people.

    Your trainer sounds like an ass. You've stuck with him for all this time and then he's trying to up pricing and get rid of people who probably funded his come up! Oh well, on to the next one! And, don't be intimidated by the gym dudes in the weight section. I used to be, and sometimes I still am, but I started not giving a fuck about what other people think, and I made up circuit workouts that work for me, and I do my own thang. If they are watching you then they are not working hard enough on themselves

    1. Yeah, the guy WAS a loser for sure.

      I need to adopt your gym attitude...working on it. :-)

  2. The online dating space is full of so many aggressive freaks. Someone recently messaged me to ask how I'd feel if I really liked a guy but it turned out he had a "small endowment." He was "just asking out of curiosity" (yeah, right).

    I think it's great you can be friendly with the ex-H and recognize that you want each other to be happy!

    1. Yes, they are so aggressive! I don't know what the deal is, but it's such a huge turn off.