Friday, September 27, 2013

shaken not stirred

No, my blog post title has nothing to do with any boozy concoctions.  Instead, it refers to all of the plans I've had lately, which have just repeatedly been turned upside down.  It started with last night, the planned Artboy food and football night that fell through.  In spite of my best intentions, I ended up feeling kind of bummed by it.  I guess I hadn't realized how much I'd been looking forward to his company.  It didn't help that after he told me he couldn't come yesterday late morning, I didn't hear from him again, including when I responded to his message.  WTF, mate? 

I went to acupuncture, which was insanely relaxing as per usual.  Then I felt restless and uninterested in going home, so I went to Target.  That's always a mistake, especially when you're feeling blue.  I went in to buy an electric throw blanket.  I had to toss mine at the end of last winter season because it was old and I was afraid it was going to shock me.  However, I couldn't find ANY in Target, which was weird.  But I did end up with a book and a purse.  Sigh.

The purse, though, is super cute.  It's just a cheap Mossimo purse, but it's a cool, deep purple color and I just like it.  Then I ended up buying "Night Film" by Marisha Pessl.  I had a sample of it on my Kindle for awhile now because I enjoyed her last book, but I wasn't feeling pressed to read it.  But once I saw it in the store, I picked it up to peruse it and fell in love.  It was one of those books I had to own the hardback version of because I loved how it felt.  I liked the feel of the paper of the pages, I liked all of the articles and pictures and things throughout it, and I liked the cover and the weight of it.  Shout out to Danielle over at Zombie Love Affair for re-sparking my interest in this book, too! 

My last purchase was a cute, patterned sunglass case.  I've broken two pairs of sunglasses in the last couple of months from them getting squished in my bag in their soft case, so it was time to buckle down to do something to prevent that from happening again. 

I went home and switched my things over to my new purse.  I examined my new book, appreciating the weight and feel of it again.  I watched the Grey's Anatomy season premiere, which was excellent as always.  I did not go to the gym.  :-/  I was just feeling bummed, I guess.

Today I got to work and discovered that my trainer had rescheduled my session from Thursday (which I cancelled b/c of acupuncture) to tonight, and also had scheduled me for tomorrow.  This threw a wrench (or two) into pre-existing plans I had.  I was supposed to go to a movie meetup tonight to see "Prisoners", which I really want to see, but now I can't.  I need the training session more than the movie!  And tomorrow I had plans with a friend, which I've luckily been able to bump to later in the afternoon to accommodate my morning training session.  Bah.

In summation, my weekend looks to be quite boring.  Trainer tonight then probably just home.  Trainer in the morning, then lunch with a friend.  College football games I'm  interestested in starting at 3:30 and going into the evening.  Group training session on Sunday morning. NFL games on sunday I really want to see.  The end.

Boring, boring, boring.  There is a meetup Saturday night to watch my alma mater's game, but as many times as I consider attending those, I've never actually gone.  Maybe.  Probably not.

Oh well.  Such is life. At least I have a cute new purse and an intriguing looking book to add to my stack of things to read.  Happy Friday.  :-)

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  1. I can't believe you bought the physical book! I saw it at Target, way to heavy! Its like 630 pages! Maybe you'll like it, I liked most of it, but then I was just like ooookkkkkaaaayyy enough.