Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Right now, I cannot deal with you.  

I hate the neighbors from my building who are standing outside my window smoking, causing their disgusting cancer smoke to wind its way into my apartment.

I hate the neighbors above me who have spent the bulk of the weekend smoking skunky smelling pot upstairs, which is winding its way into the hallways of our building and through the bathroom vent in my apartment.

I hate the neighbors to my side, who last night spent upwards of four hours using up both of the washers repeatedly so I was left to start my laundry at 12:30 am.

I hate my insurance company for dictating how many migraine pills I'm allowed a month (6) and making me pay a higher co-pay for those 6 pills because it's a non preferred drug.  I have ONE migraine pill left until November 11, unless I want to pay $45 for a single pill again, which I will probably have to, at least once, if not more.

I love October, and I love fall...but I hate the allergies they bring with them.  I hate that those allergies trigger insanely awful migraines for me, day after day after day.  I hate that I have felt like shit for a good portion of most of the days of the last week because of it.  I am tired of my head hurting, my neck hurting.  I am tired of feeling too lousy to get to the gym, too lousy to clean my apartment, or to get my errands done.  I don't want to spend any more time in my dark apartment, fearing the blaze of any light or loud sounds.  I want to feel better.

I need a break here.


  1. Are your migraines always triggered by allergies alone? A girl in one of my classes was talking about how if she eats too much salt that it triggers a severe migraine. Maybe you can get a massage? I heard it helps with migraines. Your doctor should be the one dictating your need for the pills, I hate insurance companies.

    I hate my neighbors too. That's why I bought a portable washer that I can hook up to my kitchen sink. Its the best thing ever!!

    1. Nope. Mine are largely hormonally based, it's just a double whammy with the allergies right now. Too much caffeine also triggers me, as well as nitrates in processed meats and things (a la deli meats). The insurance company is just an asshole...can't believe I seriously have to sit and decide if a migraine is bad enough to take one of my pills.

      My neighbors are driving me nuts lately. I need to remember this when waffling about whether or not to move...mostly out of laziness. Time to go somewhere else where I have my OWN W/D.

    2. True, but if those places are anything like San Diego, they can be quite pricey. However, moving is generally worth it when you have asshole neighbors.

    3. I've been looking around in advance and I'll be able to find something for not too much more. It all just depends on location. :-) Can't WAIT to have my own W/D again.