Friday, October 4, 2013

my head is an animal

It's Friday, and it's crazy already.  I'm out for two days next week due to my trip to visit my family tomorrow, so I'm playing pre-emptive catch up.  Crossing fingers that the day goes quickly, but not so quickly that I can't get everything done!  I'm holding out for Happy Minute at 4:30 because that means the work week is over.  :-)

I finished reading "A Visit From the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan yesterday.  It was a recommendation from one of my favorite friends, and she raved about it, so I added it haphazardly to my to-read list.  I enjoyed it, but I have to admit it wasn't a book that I was ever excited to pick back up each day.  The story came from the viewpoints of multiple people and did some time jumping, and it was just kind of odd for me.  I liked the ending, which redeemed it on some levels, though.

Last night I bought "Fangirl" on my Kindle.  It's by Rainbow Rowell, the same person who wrote "Eleanor and Park", which I adored.  It should be a light, easy read.  I'm also rereading "Looking for Alaska" by John Green.  I continue to be so happy that there are so many good books to read!  I may bring along the large hardback of "Night Film" to Omaha, even though I've heard some mixed reviews on it lately.  I remain entranced by the actual book, the weight of it, the feel of its pages, everything going on within.  I want to give it a fair chance in spite of some reservations.

I also bought Lorde's "Pure Heroine" album last night.  I already loved "Royals" & "Tennis Court" and had been listening to those in heavy rotation for the last couple of weeks.  Turns out the entire album is just fantastic.  I love it, and I expect to be listening to it a lot.  **"Ribs"---CANNOT stop looping this song.

My life is kind of boring right now, so I'll just keep talking about books and music and other assorted randomness until I have something interesting to share.  :-)

In the meantime, guess I should get to work!

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  1. I liked A Visit from the Goon Squad, but I agree that it wasn't a book that necessarily kept me coming back constantly.