Thursday, November 1, 2012


This week feels all discombobulated to me because of the two days off to start the week.  It feels like Tuesday, but it's Thursday, which admittedly is a pleasant turn of events.  Usually it's the other way around and it feels later in the week than it actually is!

My Halloween was honestly not very Halloween-like.  I live in an apartment and we don't seem to get any trick or treaters there, and this proved true again this year.  I went home, ate a really bad for me dinner, lounged a bit and then went to the gym.  The only Halloween thing I did was watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown". 

I did see a few cute costumes on the way home yesterday.  I saw a woman probably pushing 55 or 60 dressed as a giant yellow angry bird, a couple of tiny superheroes, a cat, and my favorite of the evening, a little boy around 5 years old dressed as Super Mario.  SO CUTE!  He was on my bus with his mom and couldn't have been more adorable.

As a result of my off week and the storm, I've been overindulging this week in terms of diet.  Not good!  The one good thing is that I've worked out every single day, so I guess that helps a little.  Finally meeting with my trainer again tonight.  He's been out of town since Saturday, and I haven't met with him in a week.  Hopefully he will be kind and skip weighing me until Tuesday to give me some time to get back on track.

So LED guy messaged me to ask me again about going to see a movie on Friday, which is suddenly tomorrow!  I was hoping he'd take the hint, but alas, it's never that easy.  He's forcing my hand to lay it out for him, so I'm going to take care of that today.  Turns out I do need at least a little spark to proceed.  If he'd made me laugh, or if conversation had flowed easily, or if I'd found him attractive....any one of those things could have constituted a spark.  As it was, I didn't detect any real sense of humor yet, conversation was a lot of work more often than not, and I'm simply not attracted to him.  Such is life!

I'm trying to stop beating myself up over not liking this guy, or other "nice" guys.  The fact remains that I'm just not sure I'm in the right place for dating, and that's okay.  I think it's really easy, especially at this time of year, to get caught up in this feeling that I should be trying to find someone.  It gets colder, the holidays loom, and it's a natural pull to want to seek out that companionship and warmth.  But just because it's November and getting colder, it doesn't mean that I can suddenly be ready to date, or be in the right place mentally and emotionally for it.  It just doesn't work like that.  I'll be ready when I'm ready, I suppose.  The world won't end if I end up spending Thanksgiving alone eating a turkey breast and stuffing and watching football all day.  I survived last year without a boyfriend at Christmas, and I'll do it this year, too.

Anyway, that's all I know for now.  Happy thursday!


  1. No sense of humor? Check, please! That's like my top 3 Must Haves in a guy. Don't feel badly. Maybe you don't want the "nice guy" but you do want someone to just be nice to you and that's OK. You'll figure it out, Bluemoon!

    1. Not enough of one that anything made me laugh out loud or anything, and sense of humor is HUGE for me.

  2. You definitely shouldn't be berating yourself for not being into this guy. But I understand, I do it too. I'll meet a guy who's great on paper (good job, respectful, self-sufficient) but then has no personality or not the right kind of personality. I'll feel like I'm self-defeating because I can't stand the too-nice guys. I need to find someone who has the traits I need to be excited about (he needs to be at least a LITTLE wild to keep up with me) but stable enough to be good for my personal growth and future.

    I've been getting really down on myself about not ever finding "that guy" and telling myself that maybe I'll be alone forever. But I know that can't be. If I'm out here there has to be a guy like me out there who will fit me. Just gotta have faith that life brings you what you need when it's the right time!

    1. Yeah, I'm feeling better about it now. Perspective, I'm finding some, thanks to you guys! :)

      Great on paper...the curse! Someday someone great on paper will be great in real life, too. I, too, am not in love with too nice of guys. I need a little sharp edge in the humor or something to intrigue me. You SO hit the nail on the head about needing someone a little wild to keep up with you. I am not "wild" in any crazy sense, but I KNEW LED candle guy would be outmatched almost instantly, LOL.

      Patience, patience. They say good things come to those who wait? We shall see. :)

  3. My nephew dressed up as the Joker from The Dark Knight. My brother went all out on his costume, so cute! I didn't get any trick or treaters either, I bought a bag of "treats" actually just the mini pack goldfish crackers they package for Halloween. Its healthier than candy, and I figured if I had leftovers it wouldn't hurt me like candy would... Better than giving out raisins right?

    I wouldn't get too hard on yourself about slipping a bit this week. It will happen, accept that and keep moving. Everyone does it, the trick is not to do it all the time.

    1. Mmm, goldfish. I <3 the flavor blasted cheddar ones, but I'm pretty sure those would be a trigger food I'd just gobble up, LOL. I agree, kids dig goldfish, much better than raisins!

      I'm just glad I've kept up with the working out. It makes me feel less awful about slipping food wise. Also, I felt SICK after eating that damn stromboli last night. That's what I get, LOL.