Monday, November 5, 2012

I'm melting, melting!

Mark this day, folks:  I've officially rendered another size of work pants ridiculous.  Mind you, I'll still be wearing them for awhile because I don't have the money to throw down on some smaller sized pants just yet, but these suckers would pull right off with very little effort.  It's really a pretty awesome feeling because not that long ago these were so tight they were uncomfortable to wear, and now they are entirely too big.

I have been super dedicated about working out in the last couple of weeks.  I'm going hardcore with the goal of reaching my goals.  Once I do reach them I'll slow down a little, and probably only work out ONCE a day 6 days a week instead of having a couple of days with double workouts (trainer plus solo gym session).  Right now I'm just feeling really motivated and I figure I should seize the momentum.  :-)

I do think I may go "shopping" just to try on some pants.  I just want to see for myself that the next size down fits.  :-)  I don't own anything in that size anymore, and even when I have in recent years, it's been only very small windows of time that I could fit into 2-3 months and then I'd be too big for them.  It's very validating to again be reminded of how my hard work and discipline are paying off!

Excuse the self cheering post, but I'm just really pleased with my progress.  This will will be my 11th week since starting this journey, and I'm proud of where I've gotten in less than three months.  I hope I have a good weigh in and measurement tomorrow, but either way, I know things are looser this week than last, and that's enough for me!

This week I've got a personal training session tonight and tomorrow and then the Abs/Cardio class wednesday night and Saturday morning, plus my own personal workouts.  I still think it's weird that when I'm stressed, or when I'm bored, I think about how I'd like to be working out. It's amazing how the routine and the adrenaline rush of exercise become a part of you when you do it long enough. 

Happy monday, indeed.  :-)


  1. You should be extremely proud of yourself AND SHOULD SAY IT!!! It's amazing when hard work pays off :)

  2. good job! If you don't have any pants that fit properly, but you expect to keep going down pant sizes....definitely look into getting a couple of pairs from a thrift store, they will help tide you over until your transformation is complete!

    1. Thanks! I expect to only go down maybe 2 more from where I am at the most. I can't even imagine going down more than 1, but based on how my sizes have changed with a 12 lb. loss, if lose the other 10-12 I kind of want to, it would probably happen.

      Some transitional pants would be nice, although I think if I buy things one size down from where I'm at now those should be wearable in general. So exciting! :)

  3. Congrats! And yes, you should brag about it, all the time.! Its good to have reminders of how good you feel and look! Take pictures, lots of them.

    I agree with trying out thrift stores, or something from Old Navy for inbetween sizes.

    1. Yes, I take pictures every two weeks for my own records. :) I should start trying to get in actual pictures that aren't just me in gym clothes assessing the change, LOL. I'd gotten so used to shying from the camera prior to this because I felt so unhappy with my appearance, but I'm definitely feeling a ton more confident these days. :)

      Old Navy is a good idea! I LOVE Express's Columnist pants, but they are pricy and I also have to get them altered for length (Way too long!). Eventually. :)

  4. Good for you! You absolutely need to shout this fabulous news from the rooftops . . . you're working hard, and you deserve to show off!