Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bluemoon rides again!

That's right.  After a month plus hiatus, I am back to swimming in the online dating pool. Really, I just felt left out when my fellow dating bloggers were chronicling their experiences and I had nothing to contribute.  Also, at work at Happy Minute every friday, a group of my friends sit and share these same stories, and I really felt like it was time for me to belong again.  ;-)

I'm only doing one site this time around, and my profile is much more streamlined and direct.  I feel like the break did me some good, and offered me some distance and perspective with the whole business of online dating. 

I've blocked three people since rejoining, which is impressive.  My favorite blocked friend messaged me, then got mad that I didn't reply and told me I looked racist, anyway. Delightful!  He's right, clearly *I'm* the racist one in this situation.  ;-)  I chose to not take the bait he was throwing out and instead just erased him from my online dating world. 

Beyond that, I'm talking to some viable candidates, at least for dates.  I actually have two dates lined up currently, with one more in the works.

Tonight I'm meeting the Canadian for dinner in Chinatown.  We both work in DC, so we're just meeting after our days wrap up.  Even if the date is lousy, I'm going to one of my favorite spots in DC, so that will be a perk.  ;-)  He's a patent lawyer originally from Toronto.  Divorced, no kids, very well spoken and nice.  My main concern is that through the course of multiple lengthy emails we've exchanged, he's come across rather serious.  Hopefully he has a sense of humor that I will get to see in person, or else we have trouble!  The Canadian is a traditionally good looking guy, the kind that I see and think is cute automatically.  He's thinner, as he's a runner, but not too thin from what I can tell.

Tomorrow night I'm meeting up with the Bearded Man.  We actually spoke on the phone for about an hour and a half last night.  He's well spoken, we seem to have some common interests, and he makes me laugh.  When I gave him grief about something last night and he told me I was a smartass, I swooned.  ;-)  We don't have an exact plan for tomorrow yet, but we will likely either be bowling or just grabbing a dinner/drink since I have a session with my trainer from 7-8 and can't meet him until about 9.  He's out of pocket this weekend refereeing a slew of soccer games, which is something he does on the side, so that's why we're going with Thursday.  Bearded Man has the kindest looking eyes and a really warm smile in his pictures.

I am talking to probably half a dozen other guys on a multi-message basis that seem potentially promising, in addition to these two.  They live anywhere from my same city to Baltimore (ahoy, strangers from a far land...again!).  One or two have kids and/or are divorced.  A couple of them have a lot of tattoos.  Some of them are funnier than others, some are more charming, some are cuter. 

I'm having fun.  :-)  I'm looking forward to going on a slew of dates in the coming weeks, and I'm looking forward to telling you all about them via this blog.  Cheers to a better attitude, and some funny/sweet/happy/entertaining/weird stories sure to come!


  1. Daaaaymn gurl. Not wasting any time I see. The bearded man sounds good, soccer player, I bet his quads are stacked... Yes, I'm thinking sex potential, I'm in a sex haze right now :/

    I've been jealous of other bloggers too, even if I have some drama right now, I'm sure sooner than later I'll be posting those angsty lonely posts. However, when you're not dating, it feels so pointless to blog right? At least that's how I feel.

    1. Yes, I decided to throw myself back in with abandon, LOL. Why not? Seize the energy and enthusiasm!

      I would just like to think of Bearded Man as potential for a KISS. I ASK FOR SO LITTLE, dating gods! ;)

      I'm with you, though---when I'm not out there dating, I definitely don't have as much to offer to the blog, at least in terms of entertainment value. :)

  2. Well goodness gracious! For taking some time off you've certainly jumped back in.

    And what is with those guys that just get on the online dating sites to haze women? There is one guy who always has a new screenname who messages me and will sound nice at first but it quickly turns into this session where he tries to get a rise out of me. It took me a while to catch on that it was the same guy at first (he wasn't using a picture) but from the subject matter of his messages and profile blurbs I was eventually to recognize a pattern. Now if he messages me I just automatically report and block his ass.

    And I too am drooling over the idea of the Bearded Man.

    Good luck!

    1. Yup, I'm going all out for the time being, LOL. I want to go forward while I am feeling positive about this whole dating business because I imagine I will be more open to people in that mindset than last time around when I was all GRR.

      I agree about the hazing guys...they just lurk and follow you, across usernames and sites and months. Creepy. :/

      I think it's funny you both are such Bearded Man fans based on what little I said, LOL. I will keep you posted!

    2. I think he just reminds me of a Bearded Man who was in my own past and Mmmmmmm those are good memories LOL

  3. Dating scares me in the sense that I hate having to be like, nope. Not interested (unfortunately, likely the case), or having to spend even 45 minutes in an incredibly awkward situation, so I would avoid it altogether. I give you a lot of props for putting yourself out there like this. :)

    1. Yeah, I still hate that part, even though I've had to say that speech a LOT. I hate feeling like I'm hurting someone's feelings, but I try to just be direct about it now and rip it off like a bandaid, LOL.

      Luckily a lot of the times we're fine on the date, not awkward, I just know it's not a fit. So I get through the date okay and just break it off after.

      Thank you, I'm trying! It's an ongoing experiment, LOL.