Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stromboli Thursday

So the wedding weekend was a good time!  It was great to get to see so many of my oldest and closest girlfriends all in one place.  M had a gorgeous day for her wedding weather-wise, and it was a lovely ceremony and reception.  I really think there is something to be said for a simple, to the point ceremony with just the right amount of personalization.  I know that if and when I remarry it will definitely be a simple and low key event this time around!

I had a few selfish moments over the course of the weekend that weddings often prompt.  If you're single, it makes you feel worse about being single and if, like me, you're in a relationship, but no wedding on the horizon, it can make you feel a little self-conscious about that fact.  I let myself feel it because it was there----is BF the person I will marry?  If so, how long down the road is that particular event for us?  Luckily I didn't dwell too much, as I think I was prepared for those thoughts to descend, and thusly didn't wallow too much.  I was the only one on my own in our group, but that didn't bother me since I've known everyone so long.

Sunday was fantastic, too, as I got to see my friend, T.  We always have fun doing the most random things and that day was no exception.  It was definitely an added bonus to my KC trip!  It stormed like crazy in the morning, but luckily the rain cleared out by the time we got together around 11 am.

This week back at work has been uneventful.  Today I have a departmental lunch meeting (sigh) which I believe is for the express purpose of telling us we are moving to another floor in the building. I knew it was coming, but it's been this big, weird secret and it's only now being confirmed.  As long as I still get an office, I guess I'll be fine with it, but until that detail is verified I'm a little nervous!

Tonight BF and I are going to hang out and eat strombolis.  Originally his guys' weekend was going to start late this afternoon, but they shifted plans and aren't leaving until early tomorrow morning now.  I had already decided that I was going to get a stromboli and cannoli from this place nearby for the evening's dinner on my own, so I told BF I was sticking with that plan and he could join in if he wanted.  ;-)  So we'll be getting carry-out dinner and spending the evening together before our brief couple days apart.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend!  Tomorrow I just have to trudge through the work day and then I'm getting a shellac manicure after work since I didn't manage to get one in KC.  My friend A has a hair appt. at the same place so we'll be hanging out there in the salon together.  After the salon time I'll likely go ahead and head home for a quiet night on my own.  This will likely be my best bet for some quality Netflix time on my own!  :-)

Saturday morning I'm meeting my friend Ahmad for an early lunch at 11.  We haven't hung out in months and have a ton to catch up on!  Post-lunch I'm going to meet up with A for some shopping.  I have a gift card, rewards cash and coupons for a few places so we'll hit up those spots and see what we find.  After that A will come home with me and our friend, J is also planning to come over.  I think we'll go out to dinner and then take the world's shortest tour of my new town, and then spend the evening just hanging out at the house.  I'm excited to have a couple friends see where I'm living now!

No plans on Sunday.  I'd like to go to the gym Friday night and on Sunday morning, so that's on the goal list.  Beyond that, BF will likely be home somewhere between 1-3pm, thus ending my reign as the sole inhabitor of the house.  ;-)  I imagine the rest of that day will be spent lounging like a sunday should be spent with the boyfriend.  Lovely!

Anyway, that's a fairly complete wrap-up of what I know right now.  Happy thursday!


  1. Completely normal thoughts to have a wedding. I'm sure there were couples there thinking "Did I marry the wrong person?" or "Will we ever be as happy as those two?" The point is, it's human nature to wonder about what might happen or what could have happened.