Monday, April 27, 2015

Right Now

Stealing a page from So Midwestern, I'm posting in the form of a list today.

Right now I am-

  • On the downhill slide of a migraine triggered by allergies.  Thank god for little magic migraine pills, but boo to insurance companies who tell me I can only have six a month, at least that they will pay for.
  • Frustrated with my temporary clerk for becoming unreliable and flighty in her last couple of weeks of employment with us.
  • Anxious to wrap this work day and enjoy my quiet commute home on the bus.
  • Looking forward to the chicken tortilla soup BF made today on his telework day for our dinner.
  • Excited to relax and watch Dancing with the Stars and maybe close out the night with a bath.
  • Loving my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S6, which I got late last week.  So sleek and shiny and new, I am really happy with it.  
  • Super into "Orphan Black".  I'm partially through episode 8 of a 10 episode first season.  It's such an excellent show.  Not sure if I'll move on to Season 2 or break it up by finally watching House of Cards Season 3 next.
  • Also wanting to watch The Jinx on HBO On Demand as well as wanting to check out "Bloodline", another new Netflix show.  
  • Pondering how to spend the $125 I got on Amex Gift Cards as a result of Staff Appreciation last week.  I'm not going to spend them just to spend them, but I am curious as to what will emerge as worthwhile of their use!  $100 was the standard staff gift, and $25 was for being part of the 2nd place Scavenger Hunt team, which was one of our team-building events for the week.
  • Wondering when spring will finally get here and stick around.  Fifties and gray today, with warm up to sixties this week before another brief cool down.  Maybe some warm weather this weekend, but who knows at this point.
  • Getting excited for Omaha, as it is less than two weeks away now. :-)  Can't wait to take BF home with me to show him my hometown and finally have him meet my people!
  • Glad to have my gym to go work out in tonight.  Utilizing my free session with the personal trainer tomorrow night to get a workout routine specific to their equipment.  Goal is to go 5 times this week.
  • Already looking forward to the weekend.  Errands, including exchanging two shirts I bought for BF for a different size (HA!) and then going to the house of a friend of his for a Kentucky Derby & Mayweather vs. Pacquio viewing party.  Not particularly interested in any of the events, but I look forward to the chance to socialize with everyone when I'm not feeling awful and voice-less like I was at the Ugly Sweater party in December!  Also, the NFL draft, which is interesting.
  • Really happy with my life.  :-)  Really loving my boyfriend.  And my cats.  And his daughter, who, when I explained that I hadn't seen all the Disney movies because I don't have kids, said, "Well, now you have me so we need to watch them all!"  Similar to something she said before, but I think those little things will make me happy every time I hear them.
  • Counting down the last 20 minutes until I leave for the day!


  1. I don't have kids and I have seen all the Disney movies! Ha. I am already looking forward to this weekend too! Mondays are the worst.

  2. Now I have a craving for tortilla soup! Thanks a lot!

    I'm sorry you had a migraine. Congrats on your gift card. Get something fun! May I suggest it be a fancy hat for the Derby party? ;)

  3. I like to keep an Amazon wish list (I have like 5) for things like that. When I have extra monies and want to buy myself something nice, and something I wouldn't normally buy myself, I check the wish list. I also like to gift myself perfume, but I go through that in phases, and lately I smartened up and started buying myself rollerball's instead of full sizes.

    Orphan Black is so good! I don't know if you'll be able to not watch season 2, it does end on a cliff hanger.

    Good luck with the gym this week. I will be away this week, but need to start a new challenge for May.

  4. Yes, a fancy hat! That would be so fun for your Derby party!

    Love that Blue Moon Land is so fab!

  5. Ah yes I take Imitrex for my migraines and can only get 6 per month too! Frustrating. I take Excedrin migraine sometimes as well which works off and on.
    I love what your BFs daughter said to you! Kids are the best!