Friday, May 1, 2015

May Day

I cannot believe it's already the first day of May!  Unfortunately, it's in the fifties and gray so far today, with a high only in the mid sixties with rain chances.  Hopefully tomorrow will begin the upswing of some nicer weather that lasts more than a day at a time.

A year ago this weekend BF and I packed up for a trip to a cabin in Luray, Virginia.  It was such a great first getaway together.  This was also the trip where we said our first "I love yous".  :-)  Good memories!  We've come a long way since then.  It's been a year and four months on Sunday since we started this crazy adventure together.  :-)

I'm so glad it's Friday.  I'm definitely (and always) ready for the weekend.  Turns out we have J all weekend again, I guess since we'll be out of town next weekend.  That was a last minute change as of this morning.  Tonight we're going to a new-ish pizza place for dinner.  Tomorrow we have some errands to run before the Caps game is on in the early afternoon.  We will close out the night at a friend of BF's house to eat, drink and eventually watch the Pacquio-Mayweather fight.  J will be hanging solo at the house for that portion of the weekend since we already had the plans before this change and she would be terminally bored there.  Sunday will be any errands we couldn't get done in our limited time Saturday, and then the usual relaxation and chores.

I'm super excited that I only have a three day work week next week.  We both took Thursday off to sleep in a little, get packed and have some time to get to J's play without it being a huge rush.  I'm looking forward to her show, as they're always really fun to watch.  I'm less excited about getting up at the crack of dawn a week from today, but the payoff is that we'll be in Omaha a few hours later!

Got to see my new office yesterday.  Really nice space and I'm pretty happy with it.  Our department isn't getting moved until the end of the month, but I'm relieved that a) I still have an office and b) it's a nice one.  Still get to keep my awesome alley view window, but at least it will be from the 8th floor instead of the 2nd now. ;-)

Better get back to the Friday grind.  Hopefully the day will go by quickly!

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  1. Yeah this back and forth weather is getting a tad annoying! I remember when you wrote about that trip. Happy year and 4 months!!!