Wednesday, June 19, 2013

making up is hard to do

So I've put off my plan to break up with my trainer for now.  We talked during my session last night and I'm hopeful he'll shape up!  He's also giving me some bonus flexibility with regards to purchasing my next package of sessions since I have so many expenses going on this summer, so that's a perk.  We shall see.  I do know that I am currently incapable of making myself as sore as he can make me in an hour session!  My quads are killing me already, and the day is young!  I decided to make a sprint towards my vacation by following up my session with him with an hour at the gym, with a smoothie in between.  ;-)

Nothing much going on.  I've been busy all morning, but not on anything exciting.  I am going to do some training this afternoon for someone who will be helping me out with a project at work, so that assistance will be awesome once we get things situated.  In the meantime, all I can think about is wrapping up the work day, pit stopping by the mall for one more swimsuit hunt, and then getting home for the gym and laundry. 

Will probably try to figure out my plan for tomorrow with T later today as well, as I'd like to have some idea of what I'm doing.  He's still hunting for a new place to live, which is stressing him out a tiny bit, so I'm sure it will be a relief when he finally finds a good spot.  I still really want to see Man of Steel, but remain unsure if date #4 is too early to go to a movie, as it's still early.  We'll see!

This week is really dragging along!  I keep waking up each day thinking it's a day later than it actually is.  Boo!

Three more days, though.  :-)


  1. Hmm, I don't like this new attitude with the trainer, maybe you can also find another person on the sly to change things up? That's what I would do. He needs to remember HE is a business, that was what he decided to do with his life and if he isn't going to act professional, why continue to buy from his "company"?

    1. Yeah, we'll see how things go over the next six weeks or so. I absolutely can't afford any of the other trainers around, so it's pretty much him or I'm on my own!