Monday, June 17, 2013

five days!

Just five days until I leave for my birthday trip to Florida.  :-)  I'm super excited to get away for a few days to the land of sun and sand and ocean and hanging out with a good friend I get to see far too infrequently.  My mind is all aflutter with ideas of the clothes I want to bring, if I'll find a new swimsuit in time, and how much sunscreen I'll go through. 

I know this week is going to be a challenge to focus on work related things, but I'm going to do my best.  Nothing on my schedule yet until Friday for my birthday happy hour.  I'm imagining I'll have as session with my trainer, but who knows at this point. 

He has cancelled on my last two sessions at the last minute for lame reasons.  He won't let a friend give her remaining sessions to me because of some red tape bullshit reason of his own creation.  He has spent months moving my sessions around, shifting me at his will, and taking advantage of the fact that I consider him a friend as well as a trainer.  Overall, I just don't feel like he is running his business in a professional manner anymore, and I'm tired of it.  He's taken on so many new clients and it makes it harder to schedule with him, and the quality of the business side of things has gone way downhill. 

I think I'm going to stop seeing him after my last six sessions run out.  It's just not worth the hassle or frustration anymore.  I'm going to try to pay really close attention to the content of our sessions, the machines I use, the amount of reps and weight I'm using, everything.  I want to take note of as much as I can so I can work to implement it on my own at the gym.  He's given me a good foundation, so now it's just time to do it on my own.  I would have continued with him if he knew how to behave like a professional, but he just doesn't.  He's amazing at personal training, so it's a shame, but I've had enough. 

Still on the hunt for a bikini to take to Florida.  Not sure if I'll have the nerve to wear it, but I guess that largely depends on if I can find one I like.  So far I've had zero luck finding any in person that fit my chest.  Apparently store swimsuits are designed soley for smaller sizes, and my cup overfloweth in those suits!  Going to hit Pentagon City one night this week after work to do some more searching.  I don't want to spend a ton on a suit, so we'll see.  I have two tankinis at home to fall back on if nothing comes up.

My weekend was fantastic.  :-)  Friday night I met J, my new friend from that meetup group, for dinner in Dupont Circle and brought A, a friend from work.  They got along famously and it was a fun meal!  After that J and I made a mini excursion to the recently opened Nordstrom Rack in DC, and then I parted ways with her.  I met up with some other friends for a drink and then we went to the DC Improv to see Frank Caliendo's comedy show.  It was an awesome show, and we got a pic with him afterwards.  Love that place!  Got home about 1 am and crashed shortly thereafter.

Saturday I met a friend for a movie at a new theater that serves you food at your seat during the film.  We ate like little kids on the lam with their mother's wallet:  bottomless popcorn, shakes and cookies.  It was an awesome indulgence and we saw "This is the End", which was pretty hilarious.  I still need to see Man of Steel...maybe this week?

After our movie I headed home and did some laundry in advance of my date.  Yup, that was the night of the third date. I will be blogging separately about that event, mainly so this one doesn't get any more overly long! 

Sunday trainer cancelled on me, so I ran some errands and ended up at the gym later on.  Took a 2+ hour nap, which resulted in me being wide awake until about 3am.  Sigh.  I'm a tired Bluemoon today!


  1. Yep. Time to dump el trainer.

    1. Agreed. Will finish out my last six sessions (which at this rate will take another month) and then see how I can do on my own. Methinks my raving review of him on Yelp from early will need to be updated or deleted.

  2. I saw This Is the End over the weekend as well. I thought it was pretty funny. What have you heard on Man of Steel? I'm hearing mixed reviews but it's definitely on my list.

    1. I've actually only heard good things from my friends and family who saw it. Read a lackluster review, but I count more on the opinions of people I actually know LOL. :)

  3. Yay! So glad your new friendships are working out!

    And I think you're right, sounds like the Trainer just doesn't know how to keep a schedule and it's time to ditch him! I have faith in you :-)

    If I don't talk to you again - have fun in Florida!!

    1. Me too! I've been pleasantly surprised. :) Plus, it was fun to get brand new friend together with new to me outside of work friend, LOL.

      Yeah, so unimpressed with my trainer right now. Actually quite pissed!

      Thanks about Florida, so excited!

  4. Happy birthday in advance! :)

    And yes, dump the trainer. I'd try to find a backup for him, since when I did do personal training I found it was extremely helpful for the person to monitor my position and weights -- otherwise I would have done too much or too little without them standing there. Also might have to do with the fact I'm a shameless people pleaser. ;)

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, I'm definitely firing him. He's gone totally MIA on him, but I'm going to get my last six sessions for sure before being done with him.

      I'm going to do an orientation at my gym where the trainer there helps me set up a new routine for my purposes and shows me the machines and correct form and everything. :)