Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hell Week

These are the things that I know today:

* Today marks the beginning of Hell Week with the personal trainer.  My first real session is tonight at 7pm.  Send strength my way.  ;-)

* Weighed myself last night to get a general idea of the number I'll see tonight at my official starting weigh-in.  It was alarming, and a good ten pounds over my highest previous weight.  Charming.  I guess I have to start somewhere!

* Currently pondering what to procure for my lunch.  Today marks the beginning of my attempt at overall better eating habits, but I got home too late to get to the store, so I have to go out and grab something.  Not easy!

* Went back to my hometown to visit family and friends for a long weekend.  It was good to be back and see everyone, but I was ready to come home to my cats and my apartment by the time my flight was due.  Sadly, the airline wasn't ready for me to go yet, so I got a nice two hour delay, which got me home around 10 instead of 8.  Such is life!

* Quite unexpectedly I ended up with an ArtBoy visit last night.  It was impulsively planned and I have to say, it's strange to have seen him twice in less than two weeks.  It was less weird having him to my apartment this time, and boy loves my cats, which is entertaining.  Wouldn't have pegged him for a cat person, but I guess he's previously had two.  My fat cat adores him and was providing us with much laughter from his attention whore behavior.  The company was nice for a couple of hours, but it was also nice to get unpacked and into my own bed after.

* Work is work.  I'm definitely getting a little bit of payback for taking two days off in terms of the workload on my desk, but I handled most of the rush issues early this morning. 

* I CANNOT WAIT for Labor Day weekend coming up.  I imagine I will not be doing very much at all besides taking care of my sore body, getting to the gym a couple of times, catching up on DVR and relaxing.  Honestly, sounds good to me. 

* I really, really wish this week would hurry up and get over.  I feel like it is going to be so busy and exhausting, between the trainer workouts tonight, Wednesday and Friday, acupuncture Thursday, and the fact that I also need to get out to buy an extra pair of workout pants as well as a grocery store trip.  Apparently those two errands will be happening after my other evening engagements!  I'm also bummed that I have to miss a happy hour friday because of the trainer appt., but I know it will be worth it.

* This is all I know for now.  I'm tired right now, and I'm tired just thinking about what this week will bring, but....I'm excited to get started.  Yawn.  ;-)


  1. I'm excited to hear about it! Good luck! I think my weekend looks similar. I'm not sure if I'll even try and make plans :)

  2. I'm so proud of your gym efforts! Go you!

  3. @Ames: I'm the same way. I have movie plans Saturday and brunch plans sunday, and I think that's going to be the end of it. :)

    @Sarah: Thanks! Just the beginning, but I have to start somewhere. :) I lived through the first session!