Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And so it begins...

I made it through the first personal training session!  :-)  I will say this, though- that was the most challenging hour of physical activity ever.  It pushed me to all of my limits and was insanely exhausting.  I did manage to come home and head back out to the grocery store for a few better eating supplies, but after that I was done.

Schedule shifted and my next session is Friday, then another on Sunday.  Tonight I'm flying solo at the gym with a goal of working towards doubling my calories burned during a normal session.  Dream big, baby.  ;-)

I also survived the weigh in and the measurements.  Ouch.  It hurt my soul a little (okay, maybe just my ego!), but again, I have to start somewhere.  Cheers for new beginnings!

I may be boring for a bit.  This is going to consume a lot of my time and energy for the next month!  I really want to buckle down and turn this exercise into a routine, and work on managing my eating habits as well.  Slow and steady wins the race, right? 

Speaking of, it's time for lunch break.  :-)


  1. Slow and steady does win the race. Keep your meals/snacked prepacked as much as possible, as not planning ahead is usually the biggest downfall when getting back to healthy. Oh and make a slow cooker your new best kitchen appliance, prep some meals, stick them in the freezer for the week, then put them in the slow cooker before you leave for work and then dinner is done when you get home. Its my favorite thing in the world to come home to after a harsh workout.

    I'm not sure how much I'd like a personal trainer, so you must recount stories! The workout classes I go to I get yelled at enough to not desire the one on one attention!

  2. @Danielle: Thanks! I keep reminding myself of that mantra, I need to print it out on everything I own, LOL. I DEFINITELY need to make sure I bring lunch everyday and have good snacks available. That is a huge trouble spot for me otherwise. I will have to check out some new slow cooker recipes this weekend, as that would be nice to do!

    Yeah, the trainer was a calculated decision for me. It's intimidating, but for me personally I'd rather embarrass myself in front of one person than a whole class. ;) I think he's already used to my lack of coordination and balance! I think as I get in better shape I will be more comfortable with group settings for exercise, but we'll see.

    I'll definitely share any noteworthy stories as I go!