Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Important Discovery

In the two days since my first official session with the personal trainer, I've made a super important discovery worth sharing:

I am the single most out of shape person in the entire universe.

It's true. 
I am not kidding around here, folks.

Last night my legs hurt.  A lot.  We did several leg workouts the night before, so it made sense.  I managed to drag my sorry self to the gym to do 30 minutes on the elliptical at a slow and steady pace.  It sounded like a horrific idea as I was trudging out of my apartment, but it actually felt really good while I was doing it.  Afterwards my legs felt a lot looser and less miserable.

This morning?  Holy hell.  I could barely get out of bed.  My commute into work was awesome, except for the part where it hurt like a mofo.  I am not pleased.

I know I need to keep moving.  I know I need to keep the muscles as loose as I can.  I have this delightful homeopathic Arnica Gel that my acupuncturist recommended, so I will give that a whirl this morning for sure.  Can't exactly come into work smelling like muscle rub, can I? Not so attractive in a work environment.

I have acupuncture tonight.  I am going to beg for "Please make my legs feel less like blocks of doom" needles.  I wonder what she has for that?  I will also likely ask about other homeopathic alternatives to make this transition from out of shape disaster to rock star superwoman a bit smoother.  She is a magic maker, I have faith that she will have something to offer me!

In the meantime, today I will rue each and every time I have to get up to grab something from the printer, or go to the bathroom, or, you know.....MOVE.

Cheers to my efforts.  Cheers to hard work.  Cheers to pushing myself.  And a big effing CHEERS to the day when these workouts do not leave me feeling so, so sore.  ;-)


  1. Did your legs feel all jelly-like walking down steps? Like your knees were about to give out? That's the best. Or when your ass hurts so much that even sitting down to pee is torture.

    Good work! Hopefully it will continue to get a little easier each time and less painful.

  2. I have moments of jelly, but currently more moments of stiffness. I do have the feeling of my knees wanting to give out as I walk longer distances (ie my commmute from metro to work). Bathroom trips are pissing me off, LOL. Yet I've been told drinking more water helps, so that's just an evil twist!

    Thanks for the props, though, all the encouragement I can get definitely helps. :)

  3. I love being sore from a good workout. After a really heavy leg workout I will take a hot bath with Epsom Salts. Its something to do with the Magnesium Sulfate in the salt, it helps a lot. A lot of water, to keep your muscles hydrated, and a fuck ton of protein. So serious. Increasing your protein intake and lowering carbs will help with muscle rehabilitation, as its protein ONLY that heals and feeds muscle. Even if you squeeze in a couple boiled eggs as a snack, you will probably see an improvement.

    At least until you are used to this kind of torture, and you will get used to it, and the sick thing is that you'll start to like it.

    Is Arnica gel like China gel or tiger balm? I use that sometimes, but when its my entire thigh that is so sore, I don't want to rub it all over my leg like some creep.

  4. @Danielle: I picked up some epsom salts last night and had a soak in the tub with them, it was relaxing. I feel somewhat better today, although still fairly sore! I keep stretching and trying to walk around, loosening up seems to help even if it hurts! I also had some more protein last night (lean meat for dinner, edamame as a snack).

    Arnica gel is a homeopathic muscle rub, LOL. At least it's supposed to be good for that, as well as helping bruising heal quicker. Honestly, it feels good going on, doesn't smell, but it doesn't help like the real muscle rub. I use it at work since it doesn't have a giveaway scent, LOL.

    I do recognize that, as crazy as it is, this is a good pain!