Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tacos for One

Random thursday posting about random things.

So I did my hair differently this morning.  As a curly head, I have spent countless dollars and hours trying to find the magic combination of product and process.  This morning, through some freak of nature moment, I actually came out of it with good hair.  It's really insanely curly, it's defined, not fuzzy, and I'm kind of impressed.  Will I ever be able to recreate it?  Unlikely.  But for today, I have awesome curly hair that I didn't even touch with a curling iron to "fix" my curls like I often do when I want to look presentable.

Last night I did four consecutive loads of laundry, which was decidedly not fun.  I'd brought up some fallish clothes from storage so they needed to be washed, along with my regularly scheduled dirty clothes and my bathroom rugs.  There was a lot of folding going on in my apartment last night as I watched a variety of nonsense on TV, including Survivor and the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU.  I also repainted my nails, so there's that.

I have acupuncture for the first time in eons tonight at 7pm.  I'm looking forward to it because a) I love my acupuncturist b) I need some stress needles (Thanks, work!) and c) my carpal tunnel needs a touch up treatment.

Originally I had plans to have Artboy over for dinner.  Late last weekend I invited him over for either Monday or Thursday for football and food.  Thursday is what we settled on, so this morning I put chicken breasts in the crockpot for chicken tacos tonight, and I'd also offered up strawberry shortcake as dessert.  So I cleaned up my place a bit, left the apartment with dinner starting it's slow cook, and was extra pleased that I had a good hair day since I was going to have company over in the form of my favorite Artboy.

And then....the plans fell through.  He was supposed to do an art install this afternoon, but because the office movers were in the building, they asked him to come at 5 instead.  So he'll be there until at least nine or ten, and will probably be worn out after. Boo.  He let me know and I was obviously disappointed, but he can't help his weird work schedule, and he has to take the hours when they come.  Sucks.

So tonight I'll go home, go to acupuncture, and come home to a nice soft chicken taco dinner for one.  Will probably go to the gym now since I have no excuse not to, and watch the Thursday night NFL game.  That whole plan loses a little sparkle without Artboy in the picture, I have to say, but I'll make do.

The best laid plans....

Happy thursday.  :-)


  1. I would be way excited about tacos cuz tacos are the best.

    I use a teeny tiny dab of coconut oil in my hair to define the curls/waves. I don't have massively curly hair, but I have some hair that's really wavy, like small weird tight "S" wavy, and other pieces that are large perfect waves. I shower at night, so when my hair is damp I use a bit of coconut oil with whatever leave in conditioner I use (haven't found a good one since Aveda stopped producing theirs years ago, assholes). I mix it in and it gives me soft and shiny defined waves. Have you tried using it before?

    Do you use leave in conditioner? What kind? I'm always on the look out for some that works well! Right now I'm using Bumble and Bumble's "Leave in (Rinse out) Conditioner". I don't think its all that, or worth the $24 I spent on 8oz.

    I've used a lot of drugstore brands, but I've never found anything that lived up to Aveda's leave in conditioner that smelled like oats and grass and was probably made from magic woodland hair fairies or something. Damn them.

    1. The tacos were lackluster. :-( Boo!

      Never tried the coconut oil before. I'll try to make a mental note to check it out, though. I don't use a leave in conditioner currently. Gotta say, for all the expensive crap I've tried for my hair, very few of them are worth buying again or do anything better than some of the drugstore brands I've found!

      Magic woodland hair fairies...if only such a thing existed! :-)

  2. Bluemoon, I'd love to know what curly products you use! I like Aveda's Be Curly and I've tried Ouidad products before. My permanent straightening treatment has almost grown out so I'm ready to get into curl mode for the time being :)

    As for the plans, I'm sorry that Artboy cancelled, but I hope you enjoyed tacos and cake anyway! And hopefully you'll get a re-do very soon.