Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blue skies, all lies

This spring season is turning out to be a real rip off so far.  Yesterday we had a lovely early afternoon, very mild and lovely.  Then something went awry in the afternoon and it got windy and colder again.  Today it is again "breezy".  Screw you, weather forecasters.  Breezy is what you call a warm wind.  Breezy makes it seem like it's lovely outside when it's just not.  Who do I have to date to get legitimate spring weather?  May as well add them to the list since I'm dating everyone else for no payoff.  :-p

I wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and comments on my post yesterday about the Pierced and Tatted one.  I'm still pondering everything myself, but if we keep talking, I do intend to meet him in person just to see.  He sent me a pic this morning that actually made me think, "Cute!" and not "!?!" like some of his others on his profile.  Not sure if it was the picture itself or just that I am growing to like his personality more and that's affecting my perception.  Who knows.

I am not talking to any real prospects other than him.  The ones I had interest in have waned a bit, the ones I'm not interested in keep popping up.  Such is life.

Setting aside all of that nonsense, I only have one day of work left after today, AND I get to come in a couple of hours late thanks to a dental cleaning appt.  Ha!  I'll take it.  Pretty teeth AND a shorter work day, cheers.  Plus, we have a firm luncheon tomorrow, so free food shortly after my arrival = WIN.

I feel like I have a lot to do before I fly out of DC Thursday at 11:30.  I need to do laundry, paint my nails (yeah, it's on the list), and tomorrow night I'll need to pack.  I also need to get to the gym tonight, boot camp tomorrow night (assuming it's not too chilly, and if it is, the gym instead), and I crazily scheduled myself for a session with my trainer Thursday at 8am before I leave.  :-) 

Must figure out what I'll be wearing for the rehearsal and dinner, too.  Fun, fun!  I'm super excited to get home and see my friends and family, though.  It should be a really good few days. 

Maybe I'll get pinged by some Omaha gents again through the online dating sites like I did last time.  That's not totally inconvenient location wise or anything... 


  1. Perhaps its that he is 'rubbing off' on you, but who knows. I think you guys should meet if you are meshing talk wise now. Don't put too much thought into the whole thing though.

    Sounds like a nice couple of days, enjoy it!

    1. Yeah, we'll see how it goes. I'm beginning to wonder if he's a bit too emo for my tastes, though. There have been inklings in our conversations the last couple of nights that he may be playing the victim in his own life and that drives me up a wall. We'll see!

      Super excited about Omaha, though. :)

  2. Have fun!!! Weddings can be a great place to meet people (that's how I met my boyfriend). Excited to hear how things pan out with the tat guy and I think it's fantastic you're being open-minded to it.

    1. Ha, since I already know pretty much everyone going to the wedding, I'm not expecting it to be a pool of opportunity. ;) I'm excited for the event itself, though!

  3. Hope the wedding was awesome!!! I can't wait to hear an update on Tat Man.