Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Crooked He(art)

I tried to hang a picture last night without a level because I don't own a level.  It went pretty well!  By pretty well, I mean that it ended up just crooked enough to annoy me.  :-)  I spent ten minutes delicately trying to tap one nail upwards and one nail downwards.  Some of the cheapo paint on my wall (or maybe my actual wall, I don't even know) chipped off, so that was disappointing.  I ended up evening it up the best I could and leaving the picture as it was because I didn't want to stare at the mess underneath.  I still have two more to hang on the same wall!  Turns out there is a phone app that acts as a level, so I'm going to give that a whirl tonight, just because. 

Those are the three pieces I'm hanging.  A wonderfully gracious and talented friend of mine agreed to create some happy, bright art for my bedroom, and subsequently these three pieces were displayed as part of her body of art at a huge local art show.  The walls of her space were this gorgeous, bright pink, like the stuff of Disney princess dreams.  They made a fantastic backdrop for my future bedroom wall art!  I'm hanging them up in this same order, in this same fashion.  Maybe.  If I can manage it.  ;-)

I spent a lot of time last night considering my gloomy mood lately. Being this cynical, jaded and worn down is exhausting for the soul.  I know I am doing myself a dozen disservices by eating like a 14 year old slacker, getting severely insufficient exercise, and just overall falling down on the job of taking care of myself to the fullest extent.  I need to remember that the me I'm abusing right now is the only me I have, and that I need to treat myself better!

Screw negativity.  Screw wallowing.  Screw feeling sorry for myself when really, I don't have it so damn bad.  I love my job.  I love the people I work with and the firm that pays me to do it all.  I love my crazy pair of cats and their impromptu wrestling matches.  I love gorgeous days like today where there is next to no humidity, and the morning is cool and crisp and refreshing and totally un-summer like.  I love earrings with just the right amount of dangle, and bracelets that remind me of the waves of the ocean I saw in California.  I love shampoo that smells good all day, and iced white mochas, and songs that fill my heart with happiness every.single.time I hear them, even years after I discovered them.

I love being good at what I do.  I love conference calls with new people who have gotten in touch because they'd just heard about the wealth of experience I had brought to the firm, and who took notes as I answered questions they had.  I love a day full of productivity.  I love driving, and appreciate it so much more since I didn't start until I was 26.  I love the blonde highlights in my hair, I love the cute new heels I got this weekend.  I love climbing into my bed at night and the feel of cool sheets against my skin.  I love art that makes my heart swell with appreciation.

I love the outlet this blog provides me, and I love reading your comments, and I love seeing all of the interesting places people come from who have stumbled upon this very blog.  I love writing, even when I'm being emo and overwrought, and I really, really love taking a moment every now and again to redirect and to focus on the good things both big and small. :-)


  1. I LOVE this post :) Something about this morning just felt... right. I think it's the lovely weather today! I LOVE that art and was going to comment on how fun your bedroom wall color was until I realized this was the art display. Hanging 3's is way harder than I ever imagined - a level def helps a little.

  2. I couldn't agree more. It felt good to stop being all negative and focus on the good things yesterday! Maybe I will do another little post like that today, just to keep it going. :)

    I do love the pink she had in her art space, but I don't know that I could handle that all the time. :)