Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Originality...clearly not the name of the game.

Dating is still stupid, but I'm trying it out again on occasion.  It's something to do. 

Lately, it's something to do that kind of makes me roll my eyes. 

I had a coffee date on Saturday.  The guy suggested a coffee shop in Old Town.  Fine.  I love Old Town, but parking is a huge pain.  The place he suggested was so crowded you could barely fit in the door to order.  Not impressed.  I scored a parking spot *right* in front, but only because it was pay parking. I didn't care, it was worth it for the ease.

I have plans to **"get a drink" with another guy this evening.  Guess where he wants to go?  OLD TOWN.  He suggested this bar I've never heard of, or  another bar I've never heard of as the second option.  Sigh.  I kid you not, I'm tempted to cancel just because I'm annoyed about the locations and how much work this feels like.

Plans for a second get together with Old Town coffee guy Thursday night.  The dinner spot he suggested?  OLD TOWN.  WTF, guys? 

Look, I know Old Town is cute, and quaint, and full of lovely restaurants. But it is feeling really overdone right now.  Like a lot. 

In other news, my week is entirely overbooked because I'm an idiot.  Last night was acupuncture, which I showed up to with a migraine, and left with a migraine, though it was less bad.  That burned my plans to hit the gym, so I instead laid on the couch and wished my damn oven were working so I could have something other than pasta to eat. 

Tonight is the annoying Old Town "drink", then gym.
Wednesday is meeting up with a girlfriend, then gym.
Thursday is dinner in Old Town with the other guy, then gym.

Friday, I will rest.  Rest, damn it.  Saturday is a movie with a friend.  Saturday night, no plans thusfar.  Sunday, I'm hoping to swing a brunch with someone. 

Seriously, I love being social, but doing it at the same time as trying to get into a gym routine is a stupid idea on my part.  I so do NOT want to keep going out and then having to go home, change and go back out at 10pm to go to the gym.  I am still recovering from DST screwing up my internal clock and I am just tired!

I need a nap.  And really what I'd like to do is just go to the gym after work and then call it a night.  I am weird because all of these dumb Old Town dates make me not want to go at all.  The guy tonight was like "I'm okay if you have another hole in the wall spot you'd like to go to."  Um, okay.  Why does it have to be a hole in the wall?  You don't feel cool or special if you go to more well known spots in town?  You need something secret and obscure to up your trendy factor?

:-/  Oh dear.  I am on a roll, LOL.  The pretense just annoys me, I'll admit it.  Give me a good bar and grill and I'm happy.  I do not need to go drink overpriced drinks from some stuffy little spot because you read a review about how awesome it was.  It does not impress me that you suggested this, sir.  It makes me roll my eyes.  ;-)

Did I mention before how stupid dating is?  It is.  Really, it is.  In this moment, I'd rather go to the gym.  Experience the warm embrace of an elliptical machine. Ha!

**Pet Peeve:  Going out for a drink.  Did that last week with another gentleman, we had plans to meet at 8.  I can't wait until 8 to eat dinner, so I ate at home.  (I get home about six).  Plus, we had plans for a DRINK, not dinner.  Well, at the pub he eats dinner, I get a drink, the balance is all thrown off.  Sigh.

Tonight:  Drink plans.  Am I not eating again?  I'm hungry at 7pm, but this pretentious little spot doesn't have any food I really want. 

I am probably being really, really unreasonable.  Probably.  :-)

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