Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life is good :-)

I am seriously restless today! I am just so excited for my vacation later this week that it is near impossible to focus on anything else.  I just have to get through today and tomorrow of work before I get to spend Thursday traveling to San Diego.  Oh, and I guess there is that minor note of my date tonight, too.  ;-)  I am just not used to having this many good things to look forward to all at once.  It is quite lovely to feel for a change.

When I got my new job, I was so excited.  However, it felt like as soon as that puzzle piece snapped into place, it was the only good thing I had going.  I was stressed and upset in so many other facets of my life, and my dog was sick, and I was just emotionally spent. 

For the first time in a long time, it really feels like more of the puzzle pieces are fitting than are not.  I am pretty damn happy.  I know that nothing is guaranteed, especially in terms of this dating business.  But I'm having fun.  I'm getting good butterflies.  Nervous anticipation.  Flat out excitement. 

And I seized the moment and booked this San Diego trip instead of overanalyzing, overthinking, overplanning.  I just made the plans and now it is almost here, and I am overwhelmed with anticipation about that, too.  I love making mental lists of what clothes to bring, which shoes I will want, wondering what I will see and do, and knowing I am going to have an awesome time.

Today I have bright, luminous blue nails.  My hair is smooth(ish) (thanks, humidity) and wavy, my outfit is cute, my white mocha is cold and sweet, and my week is full of things to look forward to.  Life is good. :-)

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