Sunday, February 5, 2012

Speed Dating

On Friday, I decided to broaden my dating horizons and try something beyond online adventures.  I took the Metro to a bar at the opposite end of the map from where I live, showed up as a blazing solo, parked myself at a table of fellow solos, then "dated" about 12 men for 4 minutes each. There was a social hour in advance, and a social hour following, and I stayed for maybe another 30 after that ended. 

My thoughts on this concept?  Well, I'm a fan of trying new things once.  Some things I like and will repeat, others, one and done.  Care to guess where this one fell?

Speed dating is just not for me. I'll say it....these guys were BORING.  What do you do?  Where do you live?  Do you like to travel?  YAWN.  Seriously, those are the things you want to know in 4 minutes to distinguish me from everyone else? 

Like I said, glad I tried it once, but I think that will be my only speed dating adventure.  Back to hoping or a miracle in real life, and dealing with online dating as a sidenote otherwise.


  1. I did speed dating exactly once too. Bleg.

  2. Sarah: That about sums it up, LOL.