Sunday, June 19, 2011

My adventures on the island of misfit toys

Ok, that's it. I attract the broken ones.  I attract the emotionally stunted ones.  I attract the damaged ones, the ones who at some point tell me that they're disengaging from my life for my own good, like they're doing me a favor, saving me from themselves.  Oh, the chivalry!   I feel so lucky to be saved from making my own decisions!  ;-)

Needless to say, my experiment  I mentioned recently was short lived.  So it goes.  I'm glad to have found out sooner than later, and I had a feeling something was off, but I was ignoring it.  Tonight, my plans with the experiment got cancelled at 7pm, after I was told that really I'd just ASSUMED we had plans, that he'd only agreed to NEXT Saturday for sure.  Right, jerkoff, like you're going to get the coveted post birthday slot now?  I THINK NOT!

Also noteworthy:
"I like you, but I don't know if I can be there enough for you"
AND, my personal favorite: "You just get really excited and want to do stuff.  I'm never really excited about anything."  Yes, folks, I actually just got told that getting excited about things and wanting to do things was A NEGATIVE.

For the record, this was ArtBoy, round 2.  Also known as the final round.  ;-)

Our conversation ended with him saying "We can still hang out.  I just don't want to do anything tonight."  At that point I abandoned the conversation without fanfare and went and laughed myself into a little ball in the other room.  No really.  Okay, eventually I laughed about it, like 30 minutes later.  The absurdity.  Honestly.

Even thought BitchBoy, coughcough,  I mean ArtBoy bailed on me at the last minute, I still managed to wrangle a friend over to watch the Daniel Tosh comedy special that was replaying.  Good to have a little company for a bit on a day that turned out as I probably SHOULD have expected it, and mostly kind of did expect it, but I still wasted an hour on my hair, my outfit and painting my nails a fantastic shade of blue called "Mesmerized" by Essie. 

I did get my sangria made for tomorrow, I'm hoping it's good.  I have a friend coming over and we're going out for a meal and then hopefully drinking sangria here after.  :-)  I'm sure SHE will appreciate my nail polish, ha!  Tonight I settled for some raspberry vodka and Sprite on the rocks, which was a perfectly lovely cocktail to celebrate the disposal of this particular lost toy from my dating assembly line.

Newsflash, world:  I don't want to save anyone.  I don't want to be anyone's therapist.  I don't want to have someone bullshit me about saving me from their miserable company.  Here's an idea, broken boys of the world:  Own your misery.  Stop trying to push it into my lap. Either do something to get happy or wallow in your own unhappiness and leave me out of it!

On that note, time for a snack (hey, I never got dinner!), maybe a bit of reading and then BED!

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