Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kiss, Kiss

I've been kind of an absentee blogger lately, and I do apologize for that!  Sometimes the analysis is fun, but other times, when it comes to things that matter a little bit more, I prefer to keep things a bit closer to the vest, at least as they unfold.  I don't want to jinx things, or put too much out there, or encourage myself to overthink any more than I already do.  ;-)

I'm trying something out right now and seeing where it goes, and so far I like it.  I feel damn sexy with this person, and that's a good start.  And the kissing.  Oh my, the kissing.  It's like I was built to kiss this person and vice versa.  Kissing is so underrated.  I would not be exaggerating if I said I could spend hours kissing this man.  Ah, bliss.

I'm feeling good about things.  I've been spending lots of time with my friends-brunches, lunches, dinners.  I went and saw a movie solo last night, which I really enjoyed.  I'm working with co-workers to plan a triple birthday happy hour celebration a week from friday, which also happens to be my birthday.  I've got other birthday plans shaping up with other friends, including the subject of the new endeavor, LOL.  I'm gunning for a "dress up date" for that one, though not super dressy, just casual dress and heels dressy.  :-)  It's over a week away, though, so I won't get too far ahead of myself there.

I still find it hard to rely on people to do what they say they're going to do.  I continue to expect to get bailed on, and to have people flake on their plans.  It's a pet peeve of mine, and unfortunately a lot of people do it!  However, I'm finding that some people actually do what they say and say what they mean, and that's certainly refreshing!

I'm working hard to find the right balance.  I'm having crazy, insecure, neurotic moments, of course.  I panic because how things are going wih the boy are not how I'm used to.  Let's be honest....I'm used to spending two weeks with someone and falling madly in love with them and suddenly we're in an instant long term relationship and exchanging I love yous.  This is not that.  This is a much more normal pace, but to someone like me, with my patterns, it's a little panic inducing at times.

I freak out, wondering why, if he likes me so much as he seems to and claims to, he doesn't want to see me every day.  We talk via text every day, and I saw him Sunday and tonight, and we have (supposed, ha) plans on Saturday.  Perfectly reasonable.  And in the meantime this week, I've gone to dinner with a friend (tonight), seen a movie on my own (Tuesday) and chilled out at home (Monday).  It's a good balance!

Balance really is the key here, in so many respects.  Balance, balance, balance. 

Also, spectacular, soulshaking, connected, soft kisses.  ;-)

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