Monday, May 9, 2011

Can't get sleepy

I believe that being off friday and being fantastically lazy since that day has thrown off my internal clock.  Here it is sunday night, 1:06am, and I am WIDE AWAKE, folks.  :-/  I figured I'd pop on here briefly before I get to the important business of laying around uselessly in bed trying to fall asleep.

It's been a meh kind of weekend.  Last week, quite honestly, is just a blur of sickness.  I had moments where I thought I was feeling better, I went on a crazy cleaning spree one night in my apt., and then I got kicked right back down.  Boom.  That's my usual warning sign that things have changed over into a sinus infection, so I had my Dr. appt. on Thursday and left with a Z-pak.  Last pill tomorrow, woo.  Still, I had tiny improvement each day over the weekend.

I still slept.  A lot.  My energy level was low.  The coughing still plagues me, though it has improved vastly.  I spent various times this weekend wishing I felt well enough to hit someone up for dinner or something, but I just never made it there.  I'd take the Merdogoutside for a bathroom break and feel tired by the time I got back.  And in my one misadventure, Saturday I went out to the grocery store for a few things and to DSW.  I had to leave DSW because I got caught in a coughing fit and couldn't stop.  Luckily I escaped with a pair of very cute clearance peep toed red shoes that I am madly in love with.  ;-)  They were purchased to go with my ensemble for my grandfather's birthday festivities.  Yup, that's my rationalization.

Had some interesting revelations in the midst of the medicine induced haze of the last few days.  No specifics just yet, but let's just say that some delusional clouds have parted (hopefully for good), and I got yet another chance to speak my mind quite bluntly today, and it felt damn good.  I am no longer interested in being someone's second choice, backup plan or anything of the sort.  I'm all about making myself my top priority right now, and if someone comes along who joins in that logic, the meantime, I'm good with flying solo!

Busy day on tap for tomorrow, at least at a few different points.  Should actually be a fairly busy week, at least compared to things lately for me.  It will all culminate in my trip home to see the friends and family on Saturday to Tuesday, which I'm greatly looking forward to.  That, and the chance to show off those red heels.  ;-)

Night, all!

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